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  Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc. is part of the Toray Group, the world's leading manufacturer of advanced ultra-microfibers and textiles. Founded in 1926, Toray is today a strategically diversified global corporation with annual worldwide net sales of over $14 billion.

The inventor of the technological breakthrough that made ultra-microfiber fabrics possible, Toray is the worldwide leader in non-woven ultra-microfiber fabrics, researching, developing and marketing these materials through our global Microfiber Division, founded in 2001.

As part of this Division, three distinct companies take charge of ultra-microfiber sales and marketing in key multinational regions: They sell in the Americas as Ultrasuede®, in Europe as Alcantara®* and in Asia as Ecsaine®.

Everywhere they market  their unique ultra-microfiber products, they are committed to meeting the needs of their customers with synergistic solutions to their customers' most challenging demands. In addition to comprehensive marketing support services, they also offer full-range R&D support through their Application Development Center in Nera Montoro, Umbria, Italy.

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