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Fabric by the Yard Club : Buy a great variety of fabric and fabrics by the yard at wholesale prices from their online store. Included are cotton, silk, linen, wool, blends, synthetics, prints, poplin, knits, etc.
Morex was established in 1987 as importer and wholesaler of apparel fabrics.  Since then they have been able to build their business relationship's with numerous garment manufacturing companies in the USA, Canada and Mexico.  Their suppliers have been carefully chosen from reputable textile bases around the Globe, including: Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Indonesia.  Through their website they offer first quality fabrics at wholesale prices to the general public, as well as an inventory reference to their commercial buyers.  Qualities that they have been importing comprise both Woven and Knit fabrics and range from Natural Fiber like Cottons to Synthetic like  Polyesters.  They also import all types of mixed textiles such as Poly/cottons, Poly/rayon, CVC, Acetate/rayon's, Rayon and  Wool.  They are proud to offer an extensive line of products. Solids and Prints, Chiffons, Gabardines, Velvets, Voiles, Lawns,  Poplins and Burnouts. Along with introducing new base fabrics, one of the main reasons of their success throughout the years is the result of the extensive art works that they produce in their Los Angeles Studio and the collection of art works they acquire from studios in Italy, France and London. Over the course of Morex's existence they have invested tremendously in prints, and new fabric developments by participating and attending main Garment and Textile Shows all over the world.
Robert Kaufman : Robert Kaufman has remained a dual focused company, with an equally held commitment to both the Manufacturing and Quilting Retail customer. Today, they operate two separate design studios, each one generating fabrics specific to the quilting and manufacturing customer. With the in-house quilting and manufacturing studios, run by Evie Ashworth and Debbie Call respectively, Kaufman also employs a large family of talented signature artists that supply innovative exclusive collections to the line. In total, Robert Kaufman Company currently employs over one hundred forty people, many of whom have loyally played an integral part in the company for over thirty years.
Saint Fashion Fabrics also known as S.A. Interlining is a wholesaler of both locally made and imported woven fabrics specialising in 100% cotton. They supply basics like poplin, percale, linen and linen blends, yarn dyes and surface interests to both the apparel and home textiles market. They supply to a cross section of businesses ranging from new start ups, to designers, to larger manufacturers.
TrimFabric.com : Polyester poplin is a strong, light-medium weight, firm cross-rib fabric. It is made with heavier filling yarns and a greater number of warp yarns. Great for all type of garments, dresses, draperies, etc.
Vogue Fabric Store : Since 1945, Vogue Fabrics has become one of America's largest and best-loved fabric stores. Originally opened by Sy Sussman and Sol Farber as a small fabric shop for dressmakers, Vogue Fabrics orginal store has grown into a department store of fabrics covering half a city block.  They also have two other Chicagoland locations, two internationally known swatch catalogs, a wholesale division at their warehouse, and this internet site.  They often have Wholesale Polyester Poplin which is great for bridal and banquet decorators. Can be used for chair covers, table cloths, curtains, curtain swags, and other decorations. Used also in garments.
You can possibly find more poplin fabric wholesalers at the various textile industry trade show exhibits.  You can view various fabric trade shows on the Apparel Search trade fair directory section.

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