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A concert is a live musical performance given in public in front of an audience.  Although one person can put on a concert, they typically have several performers of a band.  If they are being performed at a large venue, they may have more than one band performing.  Informal names for a concert include show and gig.

Concert t-shirts are designed to promote a musician or band and the particular concert event.  Many concert t-shirts include the band name, event locations, and tour dates.  However, it is not a requirement to contain all of that information.

Concert Tour T-shirt

The concert tees help promote the band, and they also serve as a souvenir for the people attending the live event.  As the consumer wears the shirt in the future, it can bring back good memories (if they enjoyed the concert).

Music groups can have a band t-shirt, but only bands that perform at concerts can have concert t-shirts.  In other words, a band needs to perform in front of an actual audience to qualify for having concert t-shirts.

Rock concert & tour t-shirts from your favorite Rock 'n Roll artists, groups, and bands are typically available for both men and women.

Women's Concert Tee

Why do concert t-shirts exist?

One of the obvious reasons that t-shirts, hats, posters, and other items are sold at concerts is so that the concert promoters and the band can try to earn additional revenue.  If the band manages expectations and quantities properly, they earn money from selling graphic shirts at the event.  As with any business, the possibility of earning money comes with the possibility of losing money as well.  For example, if the music group orders 50,000 t-shirts, but only sells 10,000 t-shirts, they have a pretty big problem. 

In addition to attempting to earn money from the sale of concert clothing, other benefits exist from this opportunity.  After the shirt is sold to a fan, it is very likely that they will wear the garment for many years (no, not every single day for many years).  When a fan wears a concert t-shirt it also serves as a form of advertising.  Fans become walking and talking billboards to show off the band’s brand name. 

Concert t-shirts benefit fans as well as benefiting the company that sold the tee.  For a fan, wearing a concert t-shirt may bring back good memories.  Wearing these shirts also provides a sense of community at times.  For example, when wearing a Judas Priest t-shirts, we occasionally run into other fans that comment in a positive manner regarding the design or the fact that we are supporting the group.  This creates a sense of comradery among fans which provides a good emotional boost to our day. 

Wearing a concert tee is a way to support and show loyalty to musicians that we appreciate.

Concert T-shirt Assortment

More about concerts:

Concerts are held in a wide variety of locations.  The size of the concert and setting can vary greatly.  This sort of musical event can take place at private houses, small nightclubs, dedicated concert halls, schools, entertainment centers and parks.   They can also take place in large multipurpose buildings and even sports stadiums.

Indoor concerts held in the largest venues are sometimes called arena concerts or amphitheater concerts.  

Regardless of venue, musicians usually perform on a stage.  Concerts often require live event support with professional audio equipment.  Before recorded music, concerts provided the main opportunity to hear musicians play. 

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Do you know what the word recital means?  A recital is a concert by a soloist or small group which follows a program, such as featuring the works of a single composer (organ recital). A recitalist is a musician who gives frequent recitals.

Popular concert t-shirts include The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, etc.

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