Open-toe Shoes

Yes, these are shoes that are open at the front to expose the toes.  This style of shoe comes in many various colors, shapes, and sizes.  Also, different materials are used to produce them.  You can find peep toe pumps, peep toe heels, flats, booties, sandals and much more made with the open toe style. 

A peep-toe shoe is a woman's shoe (usually a pump, slingback, bootie, or any other dress shoe) in which there is an opening at the toe-box which allows the toes to show.

Sandals: Sandals are an open type of footwear, consisting of a sole held to the wearer's foot by straps passing over the instep and, sometimes, around the ankle. Sandals can also have a heel. While the distinction between sandals and other types of footwear can sometimes be blurry the common understanding is that a sandal leaves most of the upper part of the foot exposed.

A slide is a shoe that is backless and open-toed, essentially an open-toed mule.  Generally, all slides are not sandals. Thongs and flip flops are normally classified separately.  Slides can be high-heeled, flat-heeled or somewhere in between, and may cover nearly the entire foot from ankle to toe, or may have only one or two narrow straps. They usually include a single strap or a sequence of straps across the toes and the lower half of the foot to hold the shoe on the foot. The term is descriptive in that this shoe is easy to 'slide' on and off the foot when the wearer wants to do so.

Open toe Shoes

What are toes?

The toe refers to a part of the human foot.   People typically have five toes present on each foot.  Each toe consists of three phalanx bones, the proximal, middle, and distal, with the exception of the big toe (Latin: Hallux).  The hallux only contains two phalanx bones, the proximal and distal.  The phalanx bones of the toe join to the metatarsal bones of the foot at the interphalangeal joints.  Outside the hallux bones is skin, and present on all five toes is a toenail. 

Although toes are for the most part similar from human to human, not all toes are created equal.  Some people may not wish to expose their toes to the world.

Are you showing too much cleavage?

Toe cleavage is the partial exposure of a woman's toes in shoes that are cut low enough at the vamp which allows lots of toe cleavage.   Some pumps reveal toe cleavage.

Where to wear open-toe shoes?

It is questionable at a very formal corporate office.  You will find that it is more exceptable at a business-casual office, and even more acceptable at a more creative office environment.  Honestly, the dress code has clearly taken steps toward a more casual approach over the years.  However, this entirely depends on the general work environment in which you work.  At some offices, open-toe shoes are totally fine and at other offices, it may not be the best idea. 

If you work as a lumber jack or work in construction, we strongly suggest you stay away from open toed footwear.

In a casual setting, open toe footwear, are generally acceptable.  If you are wearing rubber flip-flops, you may want to think about where you are going a bit more than some of the other types of open-toed shoes.

Can open-toe shoes be worn in the winter or cold climate areas?

Sure, why not?  OK, probably not a good idea to wear in the snow.  However, you can certain wear a pair of snow boots to the office, dinner, or other event, and then change into your trendy open-toe footwear after you reach the comfort of the indoors.

Can you were leggings with open toe footwear styles?

You can wear tights with open-toed shoes, as long as there's no reinforced toe or even toe seam.  However, going barefoot may be the way to go in many situations.

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