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General Pallet Characteristics


 Dimensions (l x w x h)

 Empty Weights






 Wood Pallet

 45 x 48 x 5

 114 x 122 x 12

38 to 54

 17 to 24

 Standard Wood Pallet

 40 x 48 x 5

 102 x 122 x 12

 32 to 45

 15 to 21

 Plastic pallet

 40 x 48 x 5

 102 x 122 x 12

 20 to 30

 9 to 13

 information donated to Apparel Search by Robert Cyr at RLC Trading.

Are pallet sizes important to the clothing industry?  Well, we think that they are...  Try to pack your cartons efficiently onto pallets for cost effective shipping and warehousing of your clothing shipments.

Note: This page is a general guide to pallet sizes.  You should consult with your pallet manufacturer, your clothing warehouse or your shipping company to verify the proper sizes that are being utilized for your product.  Again, above is only a guide.  This does not mean that these are the exact and only options.

If you want to save room in the shipping containers, you may want to think about the option of slip sheets for your transportation needs.  Their are pros and cons to evaluate between the use of pallets and slip sheets, but it may be a good idea to investigate all options.

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