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  Nanchong Shuncheng Silk Co. Ltd., established in 1994, is a rapidly growing silk manufacturer and exporter located in Nanchong, Sichuan, one of Chinaís silk production centers. The company has itsí own weaving factory and mainly deals with various silk fabrics production such as pongee, habutai, crepe de chine, crepe satin, georgette, twill, douppion, taffeta, gauze etc.

Since 1994, our company experienced a continuous fast development and has become to be one of leading silk producer and supplier in Sichuan Province, and our efforts since then has built up a high reputation for good quality, competitive price and reliability to our customers from home and abroad, the company maintains very good business relations with many famous domestic Imp. & Exp. companies and become their long term and appointed export-oriented silk products supplier, except that, we also set up our own business relations with importers from Europe, United States, Korea, Hongkong, India, Pakistan and middle east etc. As an integrated company, we have a wide cooperation with some famous professional factories in Nanchong such as silk yarn factory, carpet factory, underwear factory etc which we have realized their potentials in the market and itís our clear intention to introduce not just the popular silk fabrics but also very special products in Nanchong to our customers home and abroad.

Add: No.3-5, 8th Floor,Newspaper Building, No.213 Wenhua Rd. Nanchong, Sichuan Province, P.R. China 

Export Dept. Manager: Mr. Yang Jianzhong Tel: 86-817-2232708 Fax: 86-817-2241928 Email: [email protected]  [email protected] 

Product Name


Raw Silk, White


 Douppion  Silk Yarn 50/70D,  60/80D, 80/100D    
Spun Silk Yarn


Native Silk Yarn 28/32、50/70,  70/90    

1. 100/100 Silk Fabric
* Paj *
11102   Paj 5mm   Width  36"
11103   Paj 6mm     Width  45"
11104   Paj 9mm     Width  36"
11116   Paj 5mm     Width  45"
11384   Paj 4.5mm   Width  55"

* Habutai *
11207  Habutai 8mm     Width  36"
11206  Habutai 8mm     Width  45"
11117  Habutai 8mm     Width  55"
11160  Habutai 12mm    Width  45"
11185  Sand-washed Habutai 15.5mm     Width  110" (Usded for Bedding)

* Crepe de Chine *
12101  Crepe de Chine 12mm     Width    45"
12102  Crepe de Chine 14mm     Width    45"
12103  Crepe de Chine 16mm     Width    45"
12104  Crepe de Chine 18mm     Width    45"
12158  Crepe de Chine 12mm     Width    36"

* Crepe Satin *
14101  Crepe Satin 19mm       Width   45"/55"/110"m(Usded for Bedding)
14654  Crepe Satin 16.5mm     Width   36"/45"/55"
14582  Crepe Satin 14mm       Width   36"/45"
14656  Crepe Satin 12.5mm     Width   45"
14360  Crepe Satin 12.5mm     Width   36"
14160  Crepe Satin 8.5mm      Width   36"/45"
14180  Crepe Satin 11mm       Width   36"/45"/55"

* Georgette *
10101  Georgette 8mm          Width   45"
10106  Georgette 8mm          Width   55"
10103  Georgette 12mm         Width   45"/55"     

* Douppion *
13255  Douppion 12.5mm        Width   45"
13459  Douppion 19mm          Width   45"
13497  Douppion 16.5mm        Width   45"
2. 100/100 Silk Scarf
* White Scarf * Hand Printing Gutta scarf * Printing scarf
* Hand painted scarf * Hand dyed and hand printing scarf *.etc
Size:  90x90cm ;  45x180cm ; 28x28cm ; 45x45cm ; .etc
Fabric : Paj / Habutai / Crepe De Chine / Crepe Satin.etc
3. 100/100 Silk Home Textile
* Cushion *
Cushion Cover ; Diamond Cushion Cover ; Inlaid Cushion Cover ;
Pillow Sham ; Embroider Cushion Cover ;Printing Cushion Cover...etc
Size : 14"x18" ; 20"x20" ; 18"x18"...etc
Fabric : Crepe Satin / Silk Satin / sand-washed Habutai / 100/100 yarn-dyed Doupion /
         100/100 piece-dyed Doupion / Poly/Silk Doupion.etc
* Curtain *
panel curtain ; triquetrous valance ; diamond panel curtain ; diamond valance ;
checked panel curtain ; checked valance
Size : 135x240cm ; 42"x84" ; 42"x120" ; 40"x96"; 40"x21"...etc
Fabric : 100/100 yarn-dyed Doupion / 100/100 piece-dyed Doupion / Poly/Silk Doupion.etc 
* Bedding *
100/100 Pure Silk-yarn Duvet ; Duvet cover ; 100/100 Pure Silk-yarn Pillow ;

Pillow case ; Flat sheet ; Fitted sheet...etc
Size : Single ; Double ; King ; Super-King ; Queen.etc
Fabric : Crepe Satin / Silk Satin / sand-washed Habutai...etc

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