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China Chemical Fiber Economic Information Network (CCFEI)  / CN Fiber: Affiliated to China Chemical Fiber Association, CCFEI provides Plant Operations, News & Events, Market Price 'statistics, Daily & Weekly & Monthly Analysis and etc. The information covers polyester, nylon, acrylonitrile, viscose, spandex and their feedstocks, cotton, yarn and fabric, coming directly from National Statistics Bureau, the Customs, China Chemical Fiber Association, as well as every main domestic market and enterprise. Founded in 1998, for now CCFEI has subscribers from 26 countries and areas all over the world.

  • Acordis: A multinational group of businesses, it supplies customers throughout the world with man-made fibres and speciality materials for industrial, textile, medical and hygiene applications
  • Fibres and Textiles in Eastern Europe: Scientific publication on the East European man-made fiber and textile manufacturing industries. From the Polish Institute of Chemical Fibers.
  • FiberPartner: Fiberpartner Aps  Address: Dampskibsvejen 11 DK 7120 Vejle Tel +45 75 81 55 09  Fax +45 75 81 56 56  E-mail: [email protected]
  • Hampton Fiber Mill & Spinnery:  Hampton Fiber Mill & Spinnery provides custom textile fiber processing to fiber producers, knitters, and handspinners. They produce custom rovings, batts, and yarns of all gauges in their state-of-the-art mill located in the foothills of Vermont's beautiful Green Mountains.  Address: 664 East Main Street Richmond, VT 05477 (802) 734-8615
  • Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources: USA. From the University of Nebraska. Research department. Use search to reach information on fibers for textiles and nonwovens.
  • International Fiber Journal: Magazine. Bi-monthly publication for the synthetic fiber and polymer manufacturing industries, spunbond fabric manufacturers and yarn processors.
  • Mini-Mills Inc.: they manufacturer fiber processing machinery and also have a mill to process fibers.  The Mini-Mill consists of a group of machines to "Open and Blend", "Card to Rovings", "Draft to Sliver", "Spin to Yarn", "Twist to Multi-Ply" and "Wind to Skeins". There is also a "Felt Maker" that produces Felt in a few minutes. All the popular fibers - Mohair, Llama, Alpaca and Wool- in blends or 100% pure - can be processed into marketable products.
  • The Natural Fibers Coalition: Resource for information on production processes, development, history and care for natural fibers. Monthly focus on a specific type of fiber. Links to related sites.
  • Natstat: Natural Fibers Statistical Database
  • Natural Fibers Information Center: (USA) Information clearinghouse and publication center for natural fibers. Development and uses in the textiles and nonwovens industries. Searchable data bases, technical articles and news.
  • NewCROP: From Purdue University. Internet database for new crops and plant products. Use the search function to reach information on every plant or bast fiber known today.
  • (NF New Fibers)
  • Fiber Online Journal: educational information about the international textile and apparel industry.
  • Organic Fiber Council (OFC): Advisory counsel of the Organic Trade Association, representing growers, brokers, designers, textile mills, manufacturers and retailers in the organic agricultural fiber industry.
  • Ozark Carding Mill: They offer custom fiber processing and produce quality roving, batts and webs. Explore their site to learn more about how they can turn your raw wool, angora, mohair or exotic fiber into a product spinners will love.
  • Types of Natural Fibers: From the British Textile Technology Group. List of all known types of natural fibers.

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