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Welcome to the polyolefin fiber directory section of the Apparel Search website.  In this section, you will find educational information and links to resources relevant to polyolefin fibers.  If you work in the apparel industry or simply have an interest in polyolefin textiles, this is the area for you.  If you do not find enough information in this section of our polyolefin fibers guide, you may wish to check the textile section or go back to the fiber directory main page for additional textile fiber choices. 
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fashion directory  ACS, Inc (USA):  diversified manufacturing company, which' fiber business unit produces solution dyed, solid and multi-colored polypropylene fiber, mainly for yarn production and focused on the carpet, upholstery, rope and cordage industries.

fashion directory  American Polyolefin Association, Inc (APA):  Trade organization, dedicated to the promotion of polyolefin textile and ancillary products. Short, informative descriptions of uses in industrial, fashion and environmental applications.

fashion directory  Asota Gmbh(Austria):  Manufacturers of polyolefin and polyamide staple fibers, primarily for the carpet and technical fabrics industries. The site is in English and German.

fashion directory  Durafiber, Inc(USA):  Low denier staple fiber for concrete reinforcement, from polypropylene. Link to case studies. Technical bulletins on PDF files. Requires Acrobat Reader.

fashion directory  FiberVisions(Denmark)  Joint venture between Hercules' Fiber Division and the Danaklon Group. Manufacturer of polypropylene and polyethylene, monocomponent and bicomponent fibers for the nonwovens and textile industries.

fashion directory  Fitesa (Brazil) Producer of polypropylene staple fibers. Manufacturer of spunbond and spunbond-meltblown fabrics, mainly for coverstock.

fashion directory  Meraklon SpA (Italy): Polyolefin filament and staple fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries.

fashion directory  PFE, Ltd (United Kingdom):  Manufacturers of polypropylene and polyethylene fibers for the geotextile, industrial textile and carpet industries.

fashion directory  Pro Technologies, Ltd  (Canada): Grey and fibrilated fibers for concrete reinforcement, from polypropylene. Detailed product descriptions.

fashion directory  Ritas Holding AS (Turkey): Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in fibers, textiles and chemicals. Polypropylene staple fiber for yarn production and nonwoven needlepunch processes. Also, yarns, dyestuffs and industrial bags. English and Turkish.

fashion directory  Steen Co GmbH (Germany):  Polypropylene and polyethylene fiber for wet- and drylaid nonwoven manufacturing processes.  Also, short cut fine fiber for filling compounds and plastic moulding. English and German.

fashion directory  Taiwan Polypropylene Co, Ltd (Taiwan):  Manufacturers of polypropylene resins, filament and staple fiber.

fashion directory  Trevos Kostalov, Sro (Czech Republic):  Polypropylene staple fiber for textile yarn spinning, nonwoven needlepunch and thermobond processes, and artificial leather manufacturing. Also, stitchbond fabrics for technical, home furnishing and cleaning purposes.

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A polyolefin is a polymer produced from a simple olefin, or alkene as a monomer. For example, polyethylene is the polyolefin produced by polymerizing the olefin ethylene. An equivalent term is polyalkene; this is a more modern term, although polyolefin is still used in the petrochemical industry. Polypropylene is another common polyolefin which is made from propylene. View full polyolefin definition and source.