Fashion Industry Guides & Apparel Directories - a few suggestions
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Leading Fashion, Textiles, Home Furnishings and Accessories Guides, Databases and Directories, with information available on hard copy Directories, Computer Disk, PDF files and Electronically by Email. These publication are compiled by the Top and Best Databases Publishers in the USA ... CATEGORIES RESOURCES include: Manufacturers, Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Mass Merchandisers, Sales Representatives and many other categories for: Apparels, Textiles, Home Furnishings and Accessories firms in the USA and CANADA... a lot of the databases can also be CUSTOMIZED geographically, by sales volume, by types of garments handled etc....with endless customization features needed to find the appropriate firms in the USA and Canada.

Below are a few fashion industry databases and directories that you may find helpful.  

1)  Fashiondex Directories - Apparel Fabrics, Services & Trims Sourcebook Directory  (more fashion directories from Fashiondex)

2 Briefings Media Salesman Buyer Guides

3)  The Directory of Brand Name Apparel Manufacturers and Private Label - Fashiondex

4)  National Register - Apparel Manufacturers

5)  National Register - The Apparel Marketplace: Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters

6)  National Register - Fashion Accessories

7)  The National Register - Independent Sales Reps

8)  Fabric Marketing Research - Custom made directories

9)  Fabric Marketing Research - Apparel Retailer Directories

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