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fashion directory  assyst/bullmer Inc.: assyst/bullmer develops & deploys CAD/CAM/PDM software, systems, machinery ,solutions and services for the industries processing textiles, a.k.a. Soft Goods Industries (apparel, upholstery, transportation interior, luggage, technical textiles and other textile products such as inflatables, aerospace- , medical- , outdoor-, stuffed toys & dolls industries) .  Address 5000 Aerial Ctr. Pkwy Phone 919 467 2211 Fax E-mail [email protected] Contact name Jim Hurley

fashion directory  Automated Cutting Systems L.L.C.: Plastic letters, foam letters, interior/exterior large format printing with capacity of 92" x 50' 1 piece. Banner printing . custom shape cutting with laser ,cnc router, cnc flat bed table knife. Address: 2616 pemberton Dr.Apopka Florida 32703 U.S. Phone: 407-292-9977 Fax: 407-292-9260 Email: [email protected] Contact: Gary Youngblut

  • Manufacturer Item # 1: plastic , foam, vinyl letters
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: large format printing
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: cnc router cutting
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: laser cutting/ engraving
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: banner printing
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: laminating

fashion directory  Autometrix: (USA) precision cutting systems for the sewn products industry.  Autometrix is a leading producer of pattern making software and automated low-ply cutters. We can help your company move from paper patterns and hand cutting, to computer aided design and automated cutting ... painlessly! 

fashion directory  Diversified Textile Machinery: DTM is a manufacturer of nonwoven textile machinery and parts. They provide equipment for blending, garnetting, opening, shredding, lapping, filtering, slitting, cutting, winding and pillow blowing.   Email: [email protected]   Kings Mountain, North Carolina   Phone: 704-739-2121  Fax: 704-739-2161 

fashion directory  Eastman Machine Company: Eastman Machine Company manufactures a wide range of manual and automated cutting machines, spreading equipment, material handling systems and CAD/CAM software. From the industry standard Blue Streak Straight Knife to fully automated, computerized cutting systems, Eastman has the answer for your fabric cutting needs. Eastman is serving the apparel, aerospace, automotive, marine, industrial fabrics, composites, furniture and pool & spa industries.  Address: 779 Washington Street Buffalo, New York 14203 USA
  • Manufacturer Item # 1: Cutting Equipment
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: Material Handling Machines
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Spreading Machines
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Straight Knives
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: Round Knives
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: Roatary Shears
  • Manufacturer Item # 7: CAD Software

fashion directory  EdgeWISE Tools: Laser cutting solutions, for cutting, perforating, kiss cutting and marking of flat and rolled goods which is ideal for cutting fabrics, textiles, synthetic laminates, paper and cardboard. EdgeWISE Tools, Inc. developed and licensed the first Roll Feed Laser in 1992 and has over 140 units worldwide.  Phone: 206464-4102  Fax: 206464-0260  Email: [email protected] 

fashion directory  Europlotter: (USA) Cutting equipment. Since 1990, we have been a leading source for consulting, sales, and factory service of European flatbed plotters and related products. Our system solutions are used by Signmakers, Screenprinters, Sampleboxmakers, and Mat Cutters, as well as in the Shoe, Textile, and Furniture industry for patterns, prototypes, and production runs. Whenever the highest precision and speed are required for scanning, plotting, cutting, creasing or scoring, routing, and engraving.

fashion directory  Gerber Technology, Inc. (USA): manufacturer of automation solutions for the sewn goods industries.  Here are a few of the many GERBERsuite products that can help you run a more streamlined and efficient business.

  • Product Data Management (PDM)
  • Artworks Design System
  • AccuMark Grading and Marking Systems
  • AccuMark Made To Measure System
  • Gerber Plotters
  • UltraMark Nester
  • Synchron Spreaders
  • Single-Ply Fabric Feeder
  • Top Ply Label Identification System
  • POWER Processor 200
  • GERBERcutter Systems
  • Total Leather Cutting Solution
  • GERBERmover

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fashion directory  Idea Technology Holding Limited / Modern Ideas Limited (Hong Kong / China):  is a Manufacturer and Exporter of a range of HEAT TRANSFER PAPER/ ITEMS: Rhinestones, Nailheads, Studs, Hologram Foil Sequins, Laser Cut Chenille, Sticking Out Metallic Finish Transfer (PVC/PU), Flock, Glitter Transfer, Offset Transfer, Caviar Beads, Stretchable Swimwear Transfer and Heat Transfer Inner Labels. They specialise in LASER CUT application for fabric to make into heat transfer item. You are welcome to visit their website for more ideas  Office at Hong Kong and factory in China, they provide the lowest cost for all our products. Contact their sales team through email to [email protected]  Flat B&C, 12/F, Wei Yin Centre, 123 Tung Chau Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 2309 2168 Fax: (852) 2749 5945

  • Primary Item # 1: Heat Transfer
  • Primary Item # 2: Flock
  • Primary Item # 3:  Laser Cutting Machinery (Textiles & Garments)

fashion directory  Ioline Corporation (USA): manufacturer of precision vinyl signcutters, designs and sells apparel plotters and an applique cutters.  Ioline products, sold into 52 countries, operate in diverse applications including storefront signs, vehicle graphics, banners, awnings, highway signage, screenprinting, monuments, textile applique, apparel pattern layout and full scale computer aided designs.

fashion directory  Lidem S.L. (Fahmar Inc is the official representation and distribution office for LIDEM textile manufacturing company) . has presented its wide range of machinery for the spinning process, cutting and confection of textile and recycling of textile, fiber, paper to the NAFTA market.   Textile and Fiber Recycling Equipment:  They are offering a full line of a recycling process, which is divided in four stages: preparation and feeding, storage and blending, fiber opening and pressing.   Applications: For fabrics, recyclable materials and plastics, preparation for wadding processes, fabric recycling, paper and cardboard recycling, crushing of foam rubber, latex, cotton, jute, nylon, wool, polyester, acrylic, linen, esparto, sisal, plastics, fiberglass, kevlar and similar and all kind of synthetic and natural fibers. Address: Lidem Constructions Mecanicas S.L. Avda. del Textil,51B -- 46870 ONTINYENT (valencia) Spain. Tel:+34 96 2917022  (More Information)

  • Textile and Fiber Recycling Equipment 
  • Feeding system
  • Blending machinery
  • Fiber Processing: distribution and fiber opening or tearing system
  • Spinning Processes
  • Cutting and Confection of Home Textiles
  • Finishing Machinery
  • Inspection Machine for densities, marks, wrinkles, and correction of defects in fabrics.
  • Shredding (fabric)

fashion directory  Mastercut Cutting Systems Ltd: Mastercut Cutting Systems Ltd is a manufacturer of machine knives and blades for various applications within the Textile industry. The company manufactures textile cutting knives and blades to popular OEM specification and to custom drawings. Textile cutting blades and knives can be made in various shapes, from various steel grades, and have different coatings to suit particular applications.  Address Unit 9, Upper Mantle Close Bridge Street Industrial Estate Chesterfield UK S45 9NU Phone +44 (0) 1246 860811 email [email protected]

fashion directory  Reliable: Started from his families garage in 1955, Reliable's founder Milton Kahn had a dream to build a better sewing machine company.  They sell single needle machines, serger machines, walking foot machines, blindstitch machines, two needle machines, zig-zag machines, cylinder bed machines, button-sewing machines, long arm machines, and specialty machines.  In addition to sewing machinery they also sell ironing and cutting machinery.

fashion directory  Veith System (Germany): machinery for the cutting room, pin-table, manual spreading equipement, pattern matching.

fashion directory  Svegea of Sweden: Founded in 1952 with over 40 years of experience in exclusively designing, manufacturing and installing the highest quality collarette band cutting machines world wide. Reliabilty and quality in both the performance of the products and the manufacturing process, has for many years provided the world sewn products industry with top performing bandcutting and related equipment.

fashion directory  West Point Foundry and Machine Company  (USA)  Their Machinery Division's primary products include warp sizing machines (slashers) for both spun and synthetic yarn with state-of-the-art process control systems, open-width Indigo Dye Sizing Machines and ball warpers/long chain beamers for rope dying indigo systems, high speed warpers with both VType and Magazine Creels, heavy duty direct beamers for synthetic yarns and tape, hydraulic corduroy cutting machines and corduroy brushers, finishing dryers, low wet pickup finishing applicators for all types fabric. Their Manufacturing Division's primary products are castings, manufacture parts, subassemblies, machinery for the aerospace, agriculture, tire and rubber, paper, battery, cotton processing, boiler, and other industries.

fashion directory  Yin USA Inc.: The world's leading soft material cutting expert. Automation solution provider with the award winning HY-HC automatic cutting machine, CAD fashion design software, digitizers, plotters, spreaders, UPS, 3D scanners, and more. Address  548 Forest Center Plaza Garland, TX 75042 Phone  214-960-3832 E-mail  [email protected]

  • Cutting Machinery
  • Plotters
  • Spreaders
  • Body Scanners

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