POE Fam Apparel Premiers
Fashion Article Posted September 27, 2008  

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Written by Fa' Juan Fairrow - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

With the help of my new friend Amber Gristak, I want to announce the Premiere of the Newest Family of clothing labels to the Urban fashion Industry, POE Fam Apparel name meaning Peoples Oltered Ego's, and Introducing POEWear for men and POELady for women and the first collections of the labels are T-shirt's featuring Their signature collection's & the Graffiti Collection's, POE Fam Apparel was created under the notion that every individual has a Oltered Ego and expresses them everyday and at POE Fam Apparel We've captured that by living by the rules that rules are made to be broken and Oltered Ego's can be expressed, In so many words saying it's cool to be different and do things your own way, At POE Fam Apparel our theam is ( NEVER FLASHY) but reppin to the fullest.

Our design's represent the urban street's Language and lifestyle's it displays daily, Being merely another part of what is everyday and everybody is easy but being different is something one must be true to, and being true to ( NEVER FLASHY ) is what POE Fam Apparel represents, POE Fam Apparel was created in the mind of Fa
Jaun Fairrow a Native of Grand Rapids, Michigan and after a move to Louisiana in 1999, POE Fam Apparel was conceived and over a stretch of 8 years, and countless time of research, revamping and brainstorming, and the help of shirtcity.com providing a online design & online store program POE Fam Apparel came to life, we have a vision to grow into a major family of clothing labels in the Urban Fashion Industry. and we
d like to invite all to visit us @ http://poefamilyconnection.shirtcity.com  

Express Your Oltered Ego's


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