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Fashion Article Posted October 7, 2009


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Jacqueline Floro, designer and owner of contemporary line Bilingual Clothing, has had her collection worn by celebrities such as Blake Lively, Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry and more.  She is about to shake up the contemporary design world by introducing In's Collection, a plus-size clothing line for women sizes 10 and up. Featuring long and short dresses, and tops with drawstring and pin-tuck details, In's Collection brings Floro's contemporary aesthetic of Bilingual Clothing to the 40 million American women who have previously been invisible to contemporary designers -- because they are over size 14.

I love Bilingual.  It is and will always be my baby, but friends and family of mine that happen to be a size 10 and up begged and pleaded for me to make beautiful clothing to fit them. These women are so excited about fashion, but the unfortunate lack of attention paid to them by the design community has forced them to shop at low-quality, mass retailers just to find something that
and is a minimal investment for them,
explains Floro. In's Collection is their answer, with tops starting at $55.00 and dresses starting at $96.00 for the Resort/Pre-spring 2009/2010 collection.

In testing the response to early designs from In's Collection at trunk shows and other consumer shopping events, Floro could not have been more thrilled with the remarkable response:
Women would write me passionate, heartfelt emails thanking me for finally creating something attractive and exciting for the plus-size women of the world.  Smaller-sized women would ask the sales reps if the styles came in their sizes, to which they politely answered,
No, I'm sorry it doesn't come in your size.
   Something plus size women have been forced to hear

The In's Collection is vanity sized; XS=10, 0=12/14, 1=16/18, 2=20/22 and 3=24/26. Floro's clients go crazy over it,
i've never been a size 2 in my life!
exclaimed a size 22 customer with glee at a recent trunk show.

Currently the In's Collection can be found exclusively on

View the Resort/Pre-Spring 2010 lookbook.


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