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Do you know the difference between being a buyer and being a shopper?  Well, we are not sure if we have the correct answer, but here is our opinion. 

Certainly the two words have many similarities.  Actually, many people would classify these words as having an identical meaning.  In regard to this article, we wish to classify these words into two unique classification. 

We would like to think of a "shopper" as a consumer that which purchases clothing or fashion accessories from a retailer (store, online shopping, catalog etc). 

We would like to classify a buyer as a person that professionally buys apparel or accessories.  A person that makes his or her living buying apparel (for example, a womenswear buyer purchases women's clothing from a wholesaler or manufacturer to sell in a fashion boutique).

Is it a good idea to begin a fashion career as a buyer of fashion?  If you wish to work in the fashion industry, gaining experience as a buyer is a good step for your career path.  You can check for clothing buyer jobs and see if any of the choices are of interest to you.

How do I find buyers to purchase my brand?  This is a very common question for fashion designers that are starting out in the business.  Our suggestion is for you to purchase an apparel buyers guide

If you wish to become a professional buyer of fashion, you can check this clothing store directory to locate potential employers.

If you simply wish to buy clothing for yourself, your family or for friends, and are content being a "consumer", you can shop for clothes online or visit an actual store location.  You can find both online or offline stores from the Only Clothing website directory.  Or if you prefer to utilize a search technology to buy clothes, you can look for retailers from the Apparel Retailer site.

If you are interested, you are welcome to read our description of "consumer of fashion".

Written by ML at Apparel Search August 2, 2007

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