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Prada Color Block Suede Peep Toe ShoesWelcome to the Apparel Search Online Shopper directory of online clothing and fashion accessory stores .  When shopping for clothing or accessories, the best place to begin your search is right here.  If you can not find enough clothing to buy in our apparel shopper section, you are welcome to also check the clothing store guide and our new consumer area.

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eBay Fashion Guide - If you are looking for clothing auctions, eBay is probably your best bet for finding a large assortment of styles, sizes, and brands.

Learn about Fashion Products in our fashion influence section.

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The colorful shoe pictured above is from Prada and had been sold at Neiman Marcus.

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Online shopping has revolutionized the way we access fashion, offering convenience and a vast array of options at our fingertips. Here's a comprehensive guide to the best online fashion shopping resources, covering tools to find trending fashion, score deals, discover fashion boutiques, and essential shopping tips.

Tools to Find Trending Fashion:

Social Media Platforms:

Fashion Blogs and Magazines:

Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar: Online versions of popular fashion magazines often feature articles on trending styles and fashion forecasts.  Obvioulsy, you should also check the Apparel Search fashion blog.

Fashion Retailer Websites:

Explore the "New Arrivals" or "Trending Now" sections on fashion retailer websites to see the latest in fashion.

Google Trends:

Tools to Find Deals on Fashion:

Coupon and Deal Websites:

Price Comparison Websites:

Flash Sale Websites:

Subscription Services:

Tools to Find Fashion Boutiques:

Google Maps and Yelp:

Instagram and Facebook:

Online Directories:


Learn about fashion boutiques.

Shopping Tips for Clothing, Footwear, and Fashion Accessories:

Measurements and Sizing:

Read Reviews:

Material and Care Instructions:

Consider Versatility:

Budget Management:

Wait for Sales:

Return Policy Awareness:

By utilizing these online tools and following these shopping tips, fashion consumers can navigate the digital landscape to stay on-trend, find great deals, discover unique boutiques, and make informed fashion purchases.  Happy shopping!

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Shop for fashion books and clothing at our Fashion Books website.

Learn about various categories of clothing from our clothes guide section:

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Educational Information for Clothing Shoppers:

Care Labeling & Washing Instructions: Learn about the washing symbols and care instruction that are utilized on the care and content labels on your clothing by visiting our Care Label section.  Please note that care symbols and washing instruction guides may change.  You should always contact the appropriate federal agency that monitors care labeling for the most current information.

Fashion Shopping Articles: news articles regarding different aspects of shopping for clothing and fashion accessories.  Shopping tips and information to educate clothes shoppers.

Clothing Quality Testing: Learn about Quality Testing procedures used by the clothing industry when producing garments.  It is important to note that these guidelines are general standards.  All companies do NOT necessarily follow the same standards and procedures.  Each clothing manufacturer, clothing retailer or clothing wholesaler, may utilizes their own testing procedure and guidelines.  Obviously certain companies use more strict standards then others.

Apparel Search Glossary:  In the glossary you can find helpful information regarding clothing and textile terms.  Some relevant to shopping are, Changing Room Definition, Dressing Room Definition, Clothing Definition.

Fashion Industry: if you are interested in learning about fashion, you can visit our fashion directory section to find fashion designers, fashion industry portals and other helpful information for people interested in the world of fashion.

The Apparel Search Shopping Guide ione of the most popular internet fashion shopping destinations, and a great resource for fashionable, designer clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. Looking for a Kate Spade purse, a Ralph Lauren top, or Seven jeans? Apparel Search has an unbeatable selection of resources that you can choose from to help you find incredible prices on all of your favorite brands; from great staples like Old Navy, Abercrombie, and Hollister to hip items from Coach, Diesel and Juicy Couture, to couture pieces from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada.  The Apparel Search Shopping guide can even help you find an amazing selection of one-of-a-kind vintage items. You can locate wholesale clothing lots, affordable basics, and haute couture designer wear for women, children and men.  You can even find clothing auction shopping at leading resources such as Ebay Our fashion buying guide can help you pick the right purseshoes, pants, skirt, sweater, jacket, top etc.  The apparel shoppers guide includes everything you need to know about fit, fabric, sizing, and basics of buying clothes on the web Now it is easier than ever to shop online Some of the sites that you can find from this section, have product finders that can help you search for clothing by brand name, clothing color, by size, etc.  You can search for those new Nike basketball shoes, or if you are not into sneakers, you can search by size to find a nice range of BCBG dresses. On many sites you can even search by brands in handbags, so you can browse by Christian Dior, Vera Bradley, Hermes, and many more famous handbag designersPossibly, you are searching for a Gucci leather purse that you simply have to own? A Lacoste polo shirt that you cannot live without?  While you are at it, you can search for favorite clothing stores for a Marc Jacobs skirt, a pair of Chanel shoes and even possibly a Burberry scarf to complete your outfit Anyway, we certainly hope that you enjoy fashion.  We also hope you are ready to buy some clothing.

Here are a few of our favorite shopping destinations:

Neiman Marcus 

Lord & Taylor 






If you are looking for discounted clothing, you can try the Dollar Days Clothing and Fashion Accessories Directory

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The Apparel Search Company does NOT currently sell clothing to the general publicHowever, we have decided to provide you with links to some of our favorite boutiques.   We have affiliate programs with many companies and we do our best to promote the companies in which we have confidence.  If you are interested in clothing & fashion, you can purchase directly from the retail stores listed on this page.

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