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In the United States, the Care Labeling Rule requires manufacturers and importers to attach care instructions to clothing and some piece goods.

Federal Trade Commission
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Consumer Safety Commission

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Environmental Protection Agency: Apparel Care

Care Label use bleach only symbolcare label symbol machine dryCare label ironing is neededcare label dry clean symbolwashing symbol for care labelsdryclean symbol for care labelCare Label use bleach only symbolCare label ironing is neededCare Label use bleach only symbolCare label ironing is needed
Federal Trade Commission
Textile, Wool, Fur and Apparel Matters regarding proper labeling of clothing and fashion accessories that is sold in the United States.  The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Care Labeling Rule requires manufacturers and importers to attach care instructions to garments.

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CA # (Canada) - The CA Identification Number is a five digit identification number preceded by the letters CA (ex: CA00000).  The CA Identification Number is an identification number obtained by applying to the Competition Bureau. This identification number, commonly referred to as "CA Number", is registered for the exclusive use of a Canadian dealer on the label of a consumer textile article in place of a name and postal address.

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Clothes Captioning: Complying with the Care Labeling Rule : The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces the Care Labeling Rule which requires manufacturers and importers to attach care instructions to garments. The FTC has information about other Rules relating to labeling textile products for fiber content, country of origin and manufacturer identity. Care labels often are a deciding factor when consumers shop for clothing. While some consumers look for the convenience of drycleaning, others prefer the economy of washable garments. In fact, surveys show that consumers want washing instructions. Some manufacturers try to reach both markets with garments that can be cleaned by either method. The Rule lets you provide more than one set of care instructions, if you have a reasonable basis for each instruction. Some manufacturers provide instructions for both methods but add, "For best results, dryclean." This tells consumers that the garment can be washed without damage, but drycleaning may be better for appearance and durability. If truthful and substantiated, care instructions like these are acceptable.

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Care labels are the labels inside clothing or fashion accessories that provides wash care instructions, fiber content, country of origin, and a few other important details of information.  The care labels are sometimes references as content labels, wash care labels, or care instruction labels.  Regardless of the name, the care label is a very important component of any garment.  In fact, there are legal requirements in regarding to proper labeling.

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