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Please utilize these care & content label translations at your own risk.  We do NOT guarantee the accuracy of the translations.  We try our best to maintain accuracy, but make no guarantee.  Please utilize this for reference only.  If you have additions or corrections for this list, please Contact Us.

English / Spanish Translation

Bleaching Instructions


Country of Origin

Drying Instructions



Garment and Related Terms

Ironing Instruction

Leather / Suede


Sizes / Sizing

Wash / Dry Clean Instructions

English / Spanish Translations

Garment and Related Terms

Argyle Design = Dibujo de rombos

Back (of a fabric) = Enves or Reves

Backing (fabric) = Tela de sosten

Back Panel = Posterior de tabla or Pao de la espalda

Collar = Cuelo

Crotch = Bragadura or Bragadura de Pantalon

Cuff = Puno

Decoration = Decoraci

Earmuffs = Orejeras

Elastic = El'stico

Embroidery = Bordado

Face (of a fabric) = Derecho

Filling or Filler = Relleno

Front Panel = Anterior de tabla

Hood = Capucha or Sombrerete

Insulation = Materia aislante

Leg = Pierna

Lining = Forro

Long = Largo

Lower = Bajo

Palm = Palma

Patch = Parche

Placket = Placket or Tapadera

Platform = Plataforma

Runner = Tapate

Section / Portion = Seccin / Porcin

Shell = Exterior

Sleeve = Manga

Style = Moda

Trousers = Pantalones

Upper = Superior

Vest = Chaleco

Water repellent = Repelente al agua



Black = Negro

Blue = Azul

Brown = Marr

Gray = Gris

Green = Verde

Orange = Naranja

Purple = Violeta

Red = Rojo

White = Bianco

Yellow = Amarillo

Similar Colors = Colores similares

With similar colors = Con colores similares

Wash / Dry Clean Instructions

Washing Instructions = Instruciones Para Lavar

Machine wash cold = Lava en lavadora con agua fria

Machine wash warm = Lava en lavadora con agua tibia

Machine wash warm or cool = Lava en lavadora con agua tibia o fria

Machine wash hot = Lava en lavadora con agua caliente

Hand wash cold = Lava a mano con agua fria

Hand wash warm = Lava a mano con agua tibia

Dry Clean Only = Lava en seco, solamente

Dry Cleaning Recommended = Recomendatorio Lava en seco

Do Not Dry Clean = No lava en seco

Do Not Soak  =  No Remoje

Do Not Wash =  No Lavadora

Professionally Dry Clean = Lava en seco, profesionalmente

Spot Clean Only = Solamente desmancha

Washing not Recommended = No Recomenda Lavar

Wipe clean with a damp cloth = Limpiar con tela humedo

Do Not Spin = No centrifugar

Do Not Wring or Twist = No escurrir

Do Not Use Soap = No Usar Jabon

Gentle Cycle = Ciclo Delicado

Regular or Normal Cycle = Ciclo normal

With similar (like) colors = Con colores similares

Separately = Separadamente

Turn inside out = Poner al rev's

Use clean solvent only = Use solamente limpio disolvente

Use detergent only = User solamente detergente

Wash before use = Lava antes usar

Wash before wearing = Lava antes lleva

Wash colors separately = Lava colores separadamente

Wash dark colors separately = Lava colores oscuros aparte

With similar colors = Con colores similares

Wash Inside Out =  Lavar Al Reverso


Bleaching Instructions:

Do Not Bleach = No use blanqueador

Use Non-chlorine Bleach Only = Use solamente blanqueador sin cloro

When Needed = Cuando se necesite


Drying Instructions:

Line Dry = Seca colgado

Line dry in shade = Seca colgado en sombra

Delicate Cycle  =  Usar Ciclo Delicado De La Lavadora

Drip Dry = Seca colgado

Dry Flat = Seca sobre superficie plana

Remove Promptly = Retira prontamente

Tumble Dry = Seca en secadora

Tumble Dry Low = Seca en secadora, ciclo lento

Tumble Dry Medium = Seca en secadora, mediano

Tumble Dry , No Heat = Seca en secadora, sin calor

Use large capacity dryer = Use secadora ve gran capacidad


Ironing Instructions:

Cool Iron as Needed = Plancha frio, si se necesite

Do Not Iron = No plancha

Do Not Iron Decoration = No plancha adorno

Do Not Iron on Print = no plancha en estampado

Do Not Steam = Sin vapor

Iron as needed = Plancha, si se necesite

Iron on Reverse Side Only = Plancha al reverso solamente

Steam Iron as Needed = Plancha al vapor, si se necesite

Steam Iron to Restore = Restaura con plancha al vapor

Warm Iron as Needed = Plancha tibia, si se necesite



Do not use fabric softner = No use suavizador de telas
Flame resistant = Ignifugo
For best results = Para resultados ptimos
For elasticity = Para elasticidad

Exclusive of Decoration =  Excluyendo la decoraci

Exclusive of trim = Excluyendo la guarnicin
Exclusive of ornamentation = Excluyendo los adornos
Exclusive of trim & ornamentation = Excluyendo la guarnicin y los adornos
Exclusive of elastic in the top cuff = Excluyendo el el
stico del puo  

Flame Resistant =  Ignifugo

For best results =  Para resultados mejores

Not recommended for children under 3 years of age = No se recomienda para nios menores de tres aos
Playwear, not intended for sleepwear = Ropa de jugar, no para dormir
To retain flame resistance & best wash results = Para manterner la incombustibilidad y para lograr el resultado ptimo de lavado
Remove the belt = Quital el cinturn

See Inside for Details =  Vea Interior Para Cuidado Al Lavado

See Side Label For Care Vea La Etiqueta Para Cuidado Al Lavado En El Lado

Body  =  cuerpo

Please utilize these care and content label translations at your own risk.  We do NOT guarantee the accuracy of the translations.  We try our best to maintain accuracy, but make no guarantee.  Please utilize this for reference only.

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