Countries of Origin (English / Spanish Translation)
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Country of Origin Terms:

Made in = Hecho en

Assembled in = Ensemblado en

Of U.S. Components = de componentes de EUA   (Note: EUA can also be EE. UU.)

Of imported fabric = de tela importado

Made in Africa = Hecho en Africa

Made in Argentina = Hecho en Argentina

Made in Austria = Hecho en Austria

Made in Australia = Hecho en Australia

Made in Bangladesh = Hecho en Bangladesh

Made in Bolivia = Hecho en Bolivia

Made in Brazil = Hecho en Brasil

Made in Brunei = Hecho en Brunei

Made in Bulgaria = Hecho en Bulgaria

Made in Burma = Hecho en Birmania

Made in Canada = Hecho en Canada

Made in Costa Rico = Hecho en Costa Rica

Made in Chile = Hecho en Chile

Made in China = Hecho en China

Made in Colombia = Hecho en Colombia

Made in Dominican Republic = Hecho en La Republica Dominicana

Made in Denmark = Hecho en Dinamarco

Made in Egypt = Hecho en Egipto

Made in England = Hecho en Inglaterra

Made in France = Hecho en Francia

Made in Germany = Hecho en Alemania

Made in Guam = Hecho en Guam

Made in Haiti = Hecho en Haiti

Made in Jamaica = Hecho en Jamaica

Made in Korea = Hecho en Korea

Made in El Salvador = Hecho en El Salvador

Made in Guatemala = Hecho en Guatemala

Made in Honduras = Hecho en Honduras

Made in Hungary = Hecho en Hungria

Made in Hong Kong = Hecho en HongKong

Made in India = Hecho en India

Made in Indonesia = Hecho en Indonesia

Made in Ireland = Hecho en Irlanda

Made in Israel = Hecho en Israel

Made in Italy = Hecho en Italia

Made in Japan = Hecho en Japon

Made in Malaysia = Hecho en Malaysia

Made in Macao = Hecho en Macao

Made in Maldives = Hecho en Maldives

Made in Mexico = Hecho en Mexico

Made in Pakistan = Hecho en Pakistan

Made in Panama = Hecho en Panama

Made in Paraguay = Hecho en Paraguay

Made in Peru = Hecho en Peru

Made in Philippines = Hecho en Filipinas

Made in Poland = Hecho en Polonia

Made in Portugal = Hecho en Portugal

Made in Romania = Hecho en Rumania

Made in Scotland = Hecho en Escocia

Made in Singapore = Hecho en Singapure

Made in Spain = Hecho en Espana

Made in Sri Lanka = Hecho en Sri Lanka

Made in Switzerland = Hecho en Suiza

Made in Taiwan = Hecho en Taiwan

Made in Thailand = Hecho en Tailandia

Made in Turkey = Hecho en Turquia

Made in Uruguay = Hecho en Uruguay

Made in Venezuela = Hecho en Venezuela

Made in U.S.A. = Hecho en EE.UU or Hecho en Estados Unidos

Made in Yugoslavia = Hecho en Yugoslavia

Made in New Zealand = Hecho en Nueva Zelandia

Please utilize these translations at your own risk.  We do NOT guarantee the accuracy of the translations.  We try our best to maintain accuracy, but make no guarantee.  Please utilize this for reference only.  If you have additions or corrections for this list, please contact us.

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