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Clothing Trim & NotionsWhen when we say clothing components, we are referring to items that are used during the production process.  In our mind, a component can include fabric, buttons, thread, zippers, garment labels and many other items.  Such items are also referred to as trims & notions by the fashion industry.

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Fashion Industry Directory of factories that manufacture components / trim, for producing garments.  The online database also includes other items that are relevant to the production of clothing.  For example, Hangers , Price Tickets, Textile Machinery.

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The Apparel Search Components & Trimming directory is a database designed to assist clothing and fashion accessories manufactures source trim.  In addition to locating traditional trim suppliers, factories can also locate textile equipment and other related items. 

Components of Fashion & FabricsLearn more about trim & notions:

In sewing and haberdashery, notions is an umbrella term for a variety of small objects or accessories. Notions can include items that are sewn or otherwise attached to a finished article of clothing, such as buttons, snaps, zippers, and collar stays, but the term also includes small tools used in sewing, such as thread, pins, marking pens, and seam rippers.   The noun is almost always used in the plural. The term is chiefly found in the United States garment industry.  Here on Apparel Search, we include hangtags, labels, swift tacks, hangers, and other garment accessories.

Trim or trimming in regard to clothing, footwear or fashion accessories is applied ornamentation, such as gimp, passementerie, ribbon, ruffles, or, as a verb, to apply such ornament.  Before the industrial revolution, all trim was made and applied by hand, thus making heavily trimmed garments expensive and high-status. Machine-woven trims and sewing machines put these dense trimmings within the reach of even modest dressmakers and home sewers.  An abundance of trimming is a characteristic of mid-Victorian fashion. In modern times, we often see more trim / ornamentation used during fashion week to create spectacular pieces, but less of it in the actual fashion stores.  Like anything else in fashion the type of trim and amount is often dictated by current trends and consumer tastes.  You can learn more about this subject from our Trimming Definition.

Apparel Search tosses a few extra items into our trims and notions section that may not typically fit the exact definition.  We include fabric, textile fibers, feather & down, and other products.

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