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Applique =  Aplicacin

Corduroy = Pana de cordoncillo  or Pana abordonada

Denim = Mezclilla

Elastic = Elastico

Fake (or imitation) fur = imitación de piel

Flannel = Franela

Fleece = Chamarra afelpada

Heather = Brezo

Knit (fabric) = Tejido de punto

Lace = Encaje

Lace of knitted open work = Tejido de malla calado

Plaid = Tejido escoc's

Print = Tela a estampado

Solid = Sólido

Stripe = Tela a rayas

Terry Cloth = Tejido de rizo

Woven (fabric) = Tejido entrecruzado

Please utilize these translations at your own risk.  We do NOT guarantee the accuracy of the translations.  We try our best to maintain accuracy, but make no guarantee.  Please utilize this for reference only.  If you have additions or corrections for this list, please contact us.

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