fiber Translations (English / Spanish)
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Other fibers = Otras fibras

fiber Content =  Contenido de fibra (%) or Fibra contenida (description)

Acetate = Acetato

Acrylic = Acrilico  (as an adj. it's possible to use ACRILICA (e.g. Acrylic fiber = Fibra acrílica)

Cashmere = Casimir

Cotton = Algodón

Flax = Lino

French Terry =  Tricot d Pelo Franc's

Hemp = Canamo

Jute = Yute

Linen = Lino

Metallic = Metálico

Modacrylic = Modacrilica

Nylon = Nilon

Olefin = Olefina

Polyester = Poli'ster

Polyolefin =  poliolefine

Polypropylene =  polipropilino

Polyurethane = Poliuretano

PVC = Cloruro de polivinilo

Ramie = Ramie

Rayon = rayón

Rubber = Caucho

Silk = Seda

Sisal = Sisa

Taffeta = Tafetán

Wool = Lana

Please utilize these translations at your own risk.  We do NOT guarantee the accuracy of the translations.  We try our best to maintain accuracy, but make no guarantee.  Please utilize this for reference only.  If you have additions or corrections for this list, please contact us.

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