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The companies that are "not" concerned with quality testing or standards, are either out of business or on their way out.  You better pay attention to quality standards for your clothing, footwear, and accessories.

The apparel industry is a highly competitive and constantly evolving space, and quality testing is one of the essential tools that companies use to ensure their products are of the highest quality. Quality testing helps companies minimize waste, identify and fix issues, and deliver products that meet customer expectations.

Quality testing is essential for apparel companies because it helps identify issues in the supply chain and improve product quality. Quality testing can be used to identify production issues, such as incorrect fabric weights, incorrect garment construction, and poor sewing quality. It can also be used to identify issues with the materials used, such as dyes, finishes, and other chemicals. Testing can also help identify any issues with the product before it is shipped out to customers.

Quality testing also helps to minimize waste. Testing can identify problems in the production process that can lead to costly corrections or even product recalls. Testing can also be used to identify products that are not meeting customer expectations, which can help reduce product returns and customer dissatisfaction.

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Quality testing is an essential tool for apparel companies to ensure their products are of the highest quality, minimize waste, and meet customer expectations. Quality testing can help identify production issues, reduce product returns, and ensure products are compliant with industry standards. By investing in quality testing, apparel companies can ensure their success in the constantly evolving and highly competitive apparel industry.

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High Quality Clothing - Prada
Pictured above is fashion from Prada which is made of the highest quality.

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Price, quality, and service are three primary elements that are carefully monitored at the Apparel Search Company.   If your company is equally concerned about quality assurance, you should educate yourself about Testing Methods, Human Rights, factory inspections etc.

The fashion that you create should always maintain high standards of quality.   In addition, you should utilize factories that meet international standards regarding safety, fair labor, human rights etc.

Quality assurance measures such as regular garment testing and periodic factory inspections should be standard practice for all members of the clothing industry.  The testing of clothing and factory inspection should be a regarded as one of the most important aspects of your business.

In an effort to assist garment manufacturers & retailers, the Apparel Search Quality Testing section has been created for the sole purpose of educating the clothing industry regarding testing & inspection. 

The Apparel Search Quality Testing section provides access to testing laboratories as well as test methods.   In addition to providing information regarding the testing of clothing and textiles, we also provide a directory for locating inspection services (services that specialize in clothing & textile market).

Quality testing helps apparel companies ensure their products are safe and compliant with industry standards. Companies can use quality testing to ensure that their products meet safety regulations, such as flammability testing and lead testing. Testing can also be used to ensure that products meet environmental standards, such as phthalates testing and biodegradability testing.

Here are some important initials you should know: ASTM  AATCC  ANSI

The South Carolina Quality Forum: The South Carolina Quality Forum, an affiliate of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, was formed in 1991 to recognize and encourage improvements in quality and productivity by organizations throughout the state of South Carolina.

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If you work in the apparel industry or textile industry, you are welcome to discuss quality standards and factory compliance at the fashion industry network.

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