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Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)  

Flammable fabrics Act



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208 Guidelines for Drawstrings on Children's Outerwear

Guidelines for consumers to prevent hazards with garments now in use and to make informed purchasing decisions in the future; for use by manufacturers and retailers in the production and sale of children's garments


5094 Strings Can Strangle Children on Playground Equipment
Safety Alert


5120 Drawstrings Can Catch and Kill Children
Safety Alert: Cut all Drawstrings Immediately.



5125 New Labels on Children's Sleepwear Alert Parents to Fire Dangers
Safety Alert




Guidelines For Buying Children's Sleepwear
About sleepwear flammability standards designed to protect children from burn injuries if they come in contact with an open flame.



Visit the Consumer Safety Commission for further detail and updated information.

Clothing - Children's Sleepwear Regulatory Summary

Consumer Product Safety Commission Clothing & Accessories

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Failing to Report Drawstrings in Children's Outerwear Results in Civil Penalties
Fashion Article Posted April 7, 2009

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