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Quality Control Managers are often referred to as QC Managers.
An experienced QC manager is very important to any organization involved in the production of apparel.  A good quality control program requires a competent quality control manager (or quality control supervisor).  The quality control manager is responsible for overall quality control systems, procedures, and directions. 
All quality inspectors (also referenced as QC's) report to the quality control manager.  Therefore, the QC manager must be experienced with delegating responsibility and have good skills managing others.  The person that fits the role of a QC supervisor must have more then just knowledge of manufacturing, inspection processes, and audits.  They must have full manufacturing knowledge as well as top notch managerial skills.
The size of the garment factory or volume of business, determines the number of quality control staff your QC department should have.  If you own a factory or manufacturing company that maintains a QC staff, you should rely on your QC manager to help you determine the proper number of employees needed to properly manage your volume of production.
Although there are many important elements of an effective quality control program, two elements are essential: leadership of management and careful inspection of merchandise.  It is beneficial for garment companies to maintain high quality standards.  Firstly, your company will be respected for shipping only high quality garments.  Secondly, if you have a good quality assurance system in place, you will avoid costly charge backs. 
Make sure that your company has a very good QC Manager.

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