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This section contains concepts and terms that we feel are of interest to members of the apparel industry, fashion industry or textile industry. 

The goal of this area is to provide you with information that is formatted around key topics of interest to the industry in which we work as well as ultimate consumer of fashion products.

On this page, you will find areas of interest that begin with the letter "S".

Sample Sales


Seasonal Transitions of Clothing

Second Hand Fashion

Selvage Denim

Sense of Fashion


Sexy Clothing


Shade Lot Color Variances


Shower Slippers


Silver Antimicrobial Fabric

Size Specs

Skater Fashion

Skate Shoes

Sleeper Fashion

Smart Fabrics

Smile Pockets

Sneaker NFTs

Social Bookmarking Fashion Websites

Social Fashion Shopping

Social Media for the Fashion Industry

Sock Sizes

   More S Fashion Terms

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