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It is very unlikey that you have been sitting around all day thinking about the meaning of the term "sleeper fashion".   Regardless, I am going to tell you the meaning anyway.  Actually, I am going to create the meaning first and then I'll fill you in.  I do not believe that the term sleeper fashion has been in existence prior to today.  Once again, Apparel Search is at the forefront of innovation.  Assuming that creating new terms can be considered innovation...

Sleeper Fashion is clearly fashion that has not yet awoken.  It is the fashion that is waiting to happen.  ie. fashion of the future...  It is a new trend or style that is itching to emerge as the "next great thing".  Sleeper fashion fashion that is destined for greatness, but the precise style, color, fabric or design simply has not yet fully blossomed.  In time, it will explode into the greatest thing since the mini skirt.  But for now, the sleeper fashion snores on...

As you all know fashion trends must start somewhere.  Generally they start small and then build up steam as they roll along.  Do you remember parachute pants?  That was a fashion craze that was sleeping one day, and then totally out there the next.  Fortunately, for all of us it went back to sleep and has stayed dormant for decades (please keep your voice down, we certainly do not want to wake up the parachute pants phenomenon).  The world has seen many other fashion styles come and go such as bell bottoms, denim jackets, fat shoe laces, skinny ties etc.  Some apparel classics wake up, then go back to sleep just to re-awake during another decade.  If the fashion world is set by an alarm clock, I will definitely be ready to hit the snooze button the next time the skinny leather tie is ready to return to the catwalk.
The fact of the matter is that "sleeper fashion" has spawn an entire segment of the fashion industry.  I am sure that you have heard of the terms fashion forecasting, trend spotting, style watching etc.  There are people and companies that spend every waking moment searching the globe for the next big trend in fashion.  Their goal is to spot the sleeper fashion while it is first starting to wake.  They are careful to check for all signs of life.  They would certainly hate to claim that they found the next big trend and have it turn out that the sleeper they found is simply not set to wake for another decade.  Anyway, I do not envy the trend forecasters.  They must always be at the top of their game or  they will look very silly picking the wrong trend to support.
After reading the above, I hope that you now have a better understanding of the apparel industry term "Sleeper Fashion"  or you might possibly have a better understanding that the phrase is simply a figment of my imagination.  Either way, I hope you enjoyed the read.  If you didn't, I guess you can simply go away...  
By the way, if you have not already figured it out, sleeper fashion has absolutely nothing to do with sleepwear.  If you are looking for sleep pants, sleep shirts, or simply a good nights sleep, please check else where.  Creating fashion lingo is rather stylish... Thanks for taking the time to read the article that has officially awoken the term of Sleeper Fashion. 

Written by ML at Apparel Search September 25, 2007

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