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Social shopping provides online shoppers of clothing and fashion accessories with useful tools to make better and more informed choices. 

Social commerce networks help fashion shoppers conduct smart and savvy shopping.  And in doing so, clothing retailers can deliver fantastic shopping experiences that drive customer loyalty and advocacy.  One of the reasons that social shopping also makes commercial sense is that social commerce allows brands and retailers to sell where customers spend their time.  Fashion consumers are shopping in a comfortable and familiar environment.  Social commerce solutions are thus a cost-effective way to capture traffic and market reach.
To resolve uncertainty of what to do or buy, consumers frequently look to what other shoppers are doing or have done in the past.  These shoppers then take their cue from others When a specific garment or clothing category stands out as particularly popular or dominant (trendy), many shoppers will instinctively perceive this as social proof that it is the correct hot fashion itemTherefore, suggestions, reviews, and the entire social e-commerce shopping experience, helps shoppers make decisions.  It is important to note that very trendy "trendsetters" do not necessarily care what others think.  However, we can not all be trend setters...

The super trendy people may not take to well to social shopping.  It is probable that they enjoy making their own (individual) decisions.

Social shopping tools to help with shopping decisions include:

  • Deal Directories that list exclusive time-sensitive shopping deals (often with a count-down clock).
  • Deal Feeds to get that exclusive deal the majority don’t know about.  And to share and spread deals from brands shoppers like with people they like.
  • News Feeds to follow, share, and spread social media news about shopping events or deals (Fashion Industry Network, YouTube, Facebook, RSS Feeds) about brands shoppers like with people they enjoy.
  • Referral Programs for private shopping events such as those on private shopping event portals (e-commerce private shopping clubs)
  • Social Network Storefronts with wonderful exclusive products and deals for social network members only.
  • Social Media Listening community members provide suggestions, ideas or feedback to help the consumers and retailer make future purchases more consistent with past behavior and suggestions.
  • Social Media Reviews allows system for rating or reviewing fashion products to make future purchases more educated.
  • User Forums allow shoppers to ask or answer questions regarding the product.  Essentially, allowing the consumers to solve each others problems on behalf of the brand.
  • User Galleries allows consumers to post images or videos of the product or uses of the product to the gallery.  Allowing other members to see the product in more detail prior to making the commitment of purchase.
  • Referral Programs rewarding members for spreading the message regarding the store or brand.  On private shopping event portals when members spread membership through affinity networks they may receive bonuses or special privileges such as VIP treatment (special sales or deals etc.). 
  • Shop Together some social shopping sites have tools that allow shoppers to co-browse online stores together and get influenced by people they like.  These tools use peer power to stimulate purchases by creating a social event around a store visit.
  • Social Network Storefronts these allow shoppers to share and discuss shopping experiences with people they like within the confines of the social network experience.

More social shopping tools are in existence, and more are being contemplated and developed all the time.  We here at Apparel Search wonder what cool and beneficial tools are around the corner.

Are you ready to do some shopping for clothing and fashion accessories?

You may want to take a few moment to visit the best social experience on the internet for fashion.

 Written by ML42911 - Social Fashion Shopping

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