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What are Fashion Tags? Technically, the term has been invented by the Apparel Search Company.  However, the use of the word "Tag" or "Tagging" is used all the time in regard to website.  Apparel Search certainly did NOT create the concept of tagging.  We have only coined the combination of adding the word "fashion" to the mix.

A "tag" is like a keyword or category label. Tags help you find information, photos, videos, etc. which have something in common. Many social websites, blog websites, and other types of websites, allow you to assign tags to information that you upload.  In summary, the tags help categorize the content that you have uploaded.  If you are building your own website, you may be familiar with the term "keywords" rather then the term "tags".  They are very similar.  In fact, I can not really explain to you the difference between tags and keywords because I do not know the difference...

A "Fashion Tag" is a keyword or category utilized by fashion websites to categorize topics relevant to fashion, clothing, apparel, style, fabrics, etc.  Fashion Tags in this context should not be confused with fashion tags (hangtags or price tickets) that are utilized by manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to hang on garments (certainly, we can not use a tagging tool to create keywords on websites).

Here are some examples of Fashion Tags that are used on the Fashion Industry Network.  These tags are used for the fashion blog section of the network.

fashion colors





fashion industry








The Fashion Industry Network also utilizes tags in the fashion photos section, fashion video section and fashion forum section to help members categories the comments that they have made or images uploaded.

Learn how to add Fashion Industry Network tags to your style website.

The Fashion Blog here on Apparel Search also uses a tagging system.  You can learn more about the Fashion Blog Tags.  It is important to note that FIN and our blog use entirely different labeling systems.  They each have different search strings and rules for creating tags and searching with the tags.

The above mentioned sites are not the only site to use tags (or fashion tags).  You can see the popular sites below also use tags.

Some companies create what is called a Tag Cloud.  Here is an example of what a tag cloud looks like: (Sorry, if it does not appear... I think that Amazon may have discontinued this feature).

Websites such as Flickr® allow users to add tags to photos.  You can view flickr® tags if you are interested.

According to YouTube™ as of April 6, 2010, "Tags are keywords that describe videos. For example, a surfing video might be tagged with "surfing," "water," and "waves." Users who enjoy watching surfing videos can then search for any of those terms and the video associated with these tags will show up in their search results. Tags help you label videos you upload so that other people can find them more easily." (follow Apparel Search on Youtube)

The social bookmarking website called delicious also allows the use of tags.  You can view popular delicious tags at their site (follow Apparel Search on Delicious). 

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