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What are Fashion Industry Network Blog Tags? 

A "tag" is like a keyword or category label. Tags help you find information, photos, videos, etc. which have something in common. Many social websites, blog websites, and other types of websites, allow you to assign tags to information that you upload.  In summary, the tags help categorize the content that you have uploaded.  If you are building your own website, you may be familiar with the term "keywords" rather then the term "tags".  They are very similar.  In fact, I can not really explain to you the difference between tags and keywords because I do not know the difference...

What are fashion tags?

Here are some examples of Fashion Tags for the Fashion Industry Network.  These tags are used for the fashion blog section of this fashion network.

fashion colors





fashion industry








Here are examples of what the tag website address would look like if you were to place them in your search browser.

If you have your own fashion blog and wish to link to information regarding fashion topics that pertain to your particular blog post, you are welcome to add links into your blog post.  Basically, you would change the word at the end of the address to match your needs.  If you are using two keywords, use the "+" sign to separate the words.

For example, if your article or fashion blog post is regarding Polo, you may wish to use one of the following to create your links:

or .

Some companies create what is called a Tag Cloud.  Here is an example of what a tag cloud looks like:

Learn more about fashion tagging.

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