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In this section of Apparel Search, you will find access to various miscellaneous fashion links.  In other words, these are links to fashion websites or fashion issues that we thought were important but simply did not have a specific section on the site to list these links.

Fashion Network Blog Tags: What the heck are fashion network blog tags?  Well, that is a good question.  Click the link if you wish to find out.

Fashion on Tumblr

Fashion News by Company Name: not sure if you were able to find our list of fashion news by company name.  It was rather hard to find, so we adding a link to the section here.

Translated Apparel Search: Do you want to read Apparel Search in another language?  Well, it is now possible to read the Apparel Search language in several different languages.  We do not have all languages available, but we are off to a start.  Hope this helps you.

Fashion Feeds: here are some fashion feeds created by Apparel Search.

Fashion Questions & Answers: find answers to many clothing, style, and footwear relevant questions that are frequently asked.

Thumbtack Fashion Industry Services: Apparel Search is now listed on

Fashion Tweet Links: Here you will find some of the Apparel Search fashion tweets on Twitter.

Apparel Search Fashion Industry b2b Directory for the clothing industry

Fashion on Youtube

Fashion Industry Viral Marketing 

Fashion Social Bookmarking 

Apparel on Twitter

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