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A "Fashion Tag" is a keyword or category utilized by fashion websites to categorize topics relevant to fashion, clothing, apparel, style, fabrics, etc.  Fashion Tags in this context should not be confused with fashion tags (hangtags or price tickets) that are utilized by manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to hang on garments (certainly, we can not use a tagging tool to create keywords on websites).

On this page you will find examples of the Fashion Tags or Fashion Labels used on the Apparel Search Fashion Blog.

If you want to see what we have labeled with a particular word, you can use the following search string:

If you are searching for something with two or more words, you would add %20 as a separator between the two keywords as follows for searching fashion designer.

t is important to note that we do NOT always use tags on our blog posts.  Also, when we do, we try to limit them.  Another "possibly better" way to look for information is to use the search engine on the fashion blog instead of the label system.

Below are a few examples: