Tagging Tools: Tag Guns for attaching hangtags, price tickets, etc.
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fastner for attaching pricing tickets or hangtags to clothing or fashion accessoriesLearn more about tagging tools.

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fashion directory  Avery Dennison: The Fastener Division of Avery Dennison Retail Information Services is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of fastener systems and products for retail, apparel and packaging industry applications. Offers a wide range of manual and automatic tagging solutions from all kinds of hand tools and fasteners to custom built power tagging systems. The company is also the originator of the popular Swiftach, Plastic Staple fastener systems and many more. Email: fastener.usa@averydennison.com

fashion directory  Sun Jin Corporation: They are specialized manufacturer of tagging tools.  With long experience & high technology, they are at high quality and reasonable price.  Also, their products are in good reputation worldwide.  They are manufacturer tools such as tagging gun, tag pin, loop lock, hook pin, shoe gun, needle for tagging gun and lint remover.  Address:  2f. #955-7. Shinjung 4 Dong Yanhchun Ku, Seoul 158 859  Korea South  Phone:  82 2 697 3966 Email: sunjin@primetag.com Contact:  C.S. Kim & president

fashion directory  Tach-It

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tagging tool (tagging gun) used for attaching price tickets or hangtags to clothes of fashion items

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