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Tagging tools are the items used for attaching swift tacks to clothing and fashion accessories.  The tagging tools can be be purchased by the same suppliers that sell swift tacks.  There are several shapes and sizes, so make sure to research all the options before making a decision.  You will certainly want to take into account the size of the needle.  Keep in mind that you will be most likely using the needle to push a tagging pin thru fabric.  You want to make the smallest size hole as possible.  However, you also need a strong enough needle depending on the type of fabric you need to push thru.
Tagging tools are also occasionally referenced as tagging guns.  If you are importing or exporting tagging tools, it may be best to reference this product as Tagging TOOLS rather then tagging "guns".  You may have an easier time of clearing them thru customs.  You should ask the supplier for the proper description to utilize for exportation or importing.
In summary, the tagging tools are tools used to hang price tickets and hangtags to clothing and fashion accessories.  The tagging tool will attach one end of a swift tack (tagging pins) to the apparel item and the other end of the swift tack will lock in place the hangtag or price ticket.

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Here is a quick summary of the entire message above:

Tagging tools are used to attach hangtags to clothing.

Tagging tools are used to attach price tickets to clothing.

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