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Price Tags are essentially tags that are typically made from some sort of paper stock (paper in varies weight and sizes) that are used to illustrate garment pricing to consumers.  The price tag will generally be hanging from the garment but it may also be applied directly to the garment as a sticker.  If the clothing or fashion accessory is packaged (poly bag, bellyband, box, etc.), the sticker may be attached directly onto the packaging rather then onto the actual garment.  Pricing stickers are also on occasion placed onto hangtags.  An "integrated hangtag", will include pricing information and other information printed directly onto the hangtag to avoid using a separate pricing tag.  The primary purpose of the price tag is to allow consumers to easily locate the selling price (cost) of the item that they may purchase.  The price tag is also often referenced as a price ticket or joker ticket.

When pricing tags are attached to garments, they are typically attached by swift tacks.  If the price tags are stickers, they can be attached by hand or by a price sticker label gun.

Many manufacturers will customize price tags to include your company logo or set color and sizes per your requirement.  They often stock blank tags in standard sizes, but will also produce custom designs when needed.

In addition to pricing, the price tag may include information such as style numbers, lot numbers, garment size, UPC numbers, etc.  When you contact the tag supplier or service bureau make sure to be clear regarding the information that you require on the tags.  If one bit of information is incorrect, it may result in a charge back from the retailer.

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If you are looking to purchase price tags, price tickets, hangtags, stickers, etc., you can check the clothing components manufacturer section.  You can also check the trims & notions directory.

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Price tags are attached with swift tacks and tagging tools.

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