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The Apparel Search Company has launched a website called the Fashion Industry Network.  You can view this fashion industry social network website at

This site is a social network for members of the fashion industry to meet other members of the fashion industry.  The Fashion Industry Network is intended to be a "business" network.  In addition to allowing members from the apparel industry, we also allow consumers of fashion to contribute in our network.  Although we prefer to maintain a network strictly of people that work in the clothing industry and have direct involvement in fashion, we have decided to allow shoppers so that we have input from consumers to round off our discussion boards.  Having both garment industry professionals as well as clothing consumers will allow for a nice balance of ideas.

If you are interested in joining a business network relevant to fashion, style, textiles and clothing, you can visit the Fashion Industry Network

The Fashion Industry Network launched July 2007.
Read our press release regarding the launch of the Fashion Industry Network.

Fashion Network Becomes an Essential Tool for the Fashion Industry Fashion Article Posted May 12, 2008

Fashion Network Rules

Here are a few examples of the types of groups to be found:

Fashion Industry Network Groups

If you are a member of our fashion network and you have your own fashion website, please consider adding a fashion industry network badge on your site.

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