Fashion Network Becomes an Essential Tool for the Fashion Industry
Fashion Article Posted May 12, 2008 

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The Fashion Industry Network ( succeeds at offering fashion industry professionals a way to communicate with each other to share experiences and knowledge about resources, aiding their careers and businesses.

Founded by Apparel Search (, an online resource for people working in the apparel and textile industries, the Fashion Industry Network opened in July 2007 and already has more than 1,500 members from many facets of the industry who bring their perspective to groups, sharing what they've learned over time with both seasoned professionals and those who are new to the fashion industry. This networking with others offers priceless advice from people who've experienced the same situations. Questions can be asked and answered.  Special contacts on the site can be brought in as "friends."

Roderick Rowser, fashion designer and active member of this site, says, "The Fashion Industry Network is a stellar concept. I left the industry for 10 years and through contacts from the network have found fabrics and services that would have taken me years of running around. When I need something, I go straight to the network and ask, whether it's a favor or a paid consultation, a model to do fit modeling or someone to produce samples in Sri Lanka."

After signing up for a free membership, each person is given a page where he can tell other members basics such as where he's from and who his favorite fashion designer is but this page also offers the opportunity to describe his experience in the fashion industry. This first point of contact tells others what the new member has to share and what he might be looking for from the community in the future.

The site has 73 groups and is constantly growing. Larger groups include Marketing and Fashion Design but there are groups to meet the needs of different niches in the industry with UK Fashion, Green Fashion, Personal Image Consulting, Textile-fabrics-fibers and Stylists-hairstylists-makeup. Recent conversations have included sources for fabric made of bamboo and questions about how to become a fashion publicist.

This is a truly international community of fashion. Members span the globe from the United States and Great Britain to the Netherlands, South Africa, Russia, India and China. Each can choose to join groups that meet their current needs or help them move into another area of interest they want to explore. Fashion photos, videos and blogs can be uploaded to the site.

The owners of the Fashion Industry Network say, "We gave the site a good start and it is being discovered by more people every day. We wanted it to be a place for friendly discussions about this industry and it's exactly that." They add, "The goal of the network is to help members of the fashion industry. That is the sole purpose."

The Fashion Industry Network is meeting the needs of everyone so well that new sites for the jewelry and shoe industries are being launched. Keep your eyes open for the official notices. 

This is the fashion industry for the 21st century.

Learn more about the fashion industry network.

Launch of the Fashion Industry Network
July 11th, 2007


The Fashion Industry Network grows to 1,500 plus members who are networking to make their careers and businesses grow.

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