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Apparel Search Company + Gotham City Films - A New Look at Fashion "Obtention" for Films
July 2011 - Article in Social Hollywood Magazine

stylemouse Jumps into Fashion Videos
February 2010 : Press Release

stylemouse Scurries into Fashion Videos
February 2010 (expanded version of the Jumps into fashion release)

Online Warehouse Search For Fashion Industry
February 17, 2010

Fashion Industry Connects with Social Media For Employment and Business Connections
Fashion Article Posted August 31, 2009

Jewelry Lovers and Jewelry Designers Love Jewelry Network
Fashion Article Posted March 2, 2009

Fashion Week When Is It?
Blog Post About Apparel Search October 28, 2008

Apparel Search Interview with Myself
September 3, 2008

Job Search and Network the Right Way
July 7, 2008

Fashion Network Becomes an Essential Tool for the Fashion Industry Fashion Article Posted May 12, 2008

Launch of the Fashion Industry Network
July 11th, 2007

Blog Post at The Fashion Rag
July 10th, 2007

March 2007 CTFE

Blog Post at the blog 
Jan. 15, 2007

Blog Post at the Fashion Indie site
(January 2007)

The Los Angeles Art Association and Apparel Search are pleased to announce their debut collaboration during the upcoming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week LA (March 2005)

A Stitch In Time
found in World Trade Magazine  written by Jeremy N. Smith  1/1/04 : (regarding Apparel Search Logistics)

Sloggerwear is a Hit With Gardeners
press release from Sloggers 12/12/03 (regarding Apparel Search Design Studio)