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Fashion Article Posted August 31, 2009

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Economic times are certainly tough as the U.S. remains in a recession and jobless claims are still on the rise. Whether you are employed or not, networking is an important component to career life. With social media being a relevant topic in today's computer-centric lifestyle, have you ever wondered if there is an online destination similar to Facebook of LinkedIn, which would enable you to exchange ideas, questions, or concerns with other industry members?

Perhaps you are an industry professional who is looking to connect with key players in your niche of the industry, or maybe you are a student who is aspiring to become a fashion industry professional, and you want to find out what the typical day in the life of a designer, pattern maker, or publicist, etc. is.

Look no further. The Fashion Industry Network is an ideal networking platform for industry professionals to communicate, exchange ideas, or share experiences and resources that can aid their careers and enhance their businesses. Visitors may post comments or questions in the general forums, or they can post topical messages in a specific group. Members may also have discussions with one another on their personal profile pages. In addition, if a member wishes to ask another member a question in private, they can send a confidential e-mail message.

Fashion Industry Network has several predefined "groups" and new groups are often added based on suggestions from other site members. Members are permitted to join groups in which they have direct personal expertise or simply a very strong interest in the group's topic of discussion. The idea is for both industry veterans and new members of the industry to converse and share ideas. One member may lend assistance regarding the proper method for fusing a lapel. Another member may have experience with printing t-shirts by using cut panels.

The Fashion Industry Network site currently has 73 groups and is constantly growing. Larger groups include Marketing and Fashion Design, but there are a host of other groups that are designed to meet the needs of different niches of the industry. These include: UK Fashion; Green Fashion; Personal Image Consulting; Textile-fabrics-fibers; and Stylists-hairstylists-makeup. Recent online conversations have included sources for fabrics that are made of bamboo, and questions about how to become a fashion publicist.

Founded by Apparel Search (, an online resource for people working in the apparel and textile industries, the Fashion Industry Network launched in July 2007 and quickly garnered more than 1,500 members from various avenues of the industry.  The network appears to be on pace to surpass the 10,000 member milestone before its third anniversary. Apparel Search is the first online business network devoted entirely to the fashion industry, with a primary goal to unite members of the industry in a friendly setting that fosters communication. An international community, members span the globe from the United States and Great Britain to the Netherlands, South Africa, Russia, India, and China. Each member can choose to join groups that meet their current needs or help them move into another area of interest. Members can also showcase their work by posting fashion photos, videos, and blogs to the site.
Roderick Rowser, a fashion designer and active member of this site, says, "The Fashion Industry Network is a stellar concept. I left the industry for 10 years and through contacts from the network, have found fabrics and services that would have taken me years of running around. When I need something, I go straight to the network and ask, whether it's a favor or a paid consultation, a model to do fit work, or someone to produce samples in Sri Lanka."
In addition to being a valuable site for industry insiders, aspiring industry professionals can also find out how the industry operates a lesson that is difficult to learn by simply being in a classroom environment. Fashion Industry Network is an ideal destination for learning the ins and outs of the industry.

About Fashion Industry Network:

The Fashion Industry Network is a business networking community designed for fashion industry insiders. The network allows individuals the opportunity to develop personal profiles to highlight their professional experience in the fashion industry. After profiles are created, members may freely join groups that pertain to their area of expertise.

About Apparel Search:

The Apparel Search Company is a fashion media company.  The company's signature property is called Apparel Search.  The Apparel Search website is one of the largest and fastest growing online guides to the Apparel & Textile Industry.   Easy navigation provides viewers with accessible links to all apparel, fashion and textile related issues.  The company also provides directories that relate to Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Freight Companies, Customs, Warehousing, and beyond.  Apparel Search also provides information on Textile Quality Standards, Education / Training, Trade Shows, Publications, Modeling Agencies, News, Employment, and more.

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