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Does anyone really care about men's fashion?  Yes, obviously someone does.  If no one cared, would you be on this page now reading this sentence about men's fashion news?  Probably not.  Well, we now know that at least one person cares about menswear (yes, I am talking about you).

Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories.  Although the menswear fashion market moves quickly it does not move nearly as fast or as often as the womenswear market.  Let's be honest, most man are OK with a limited wardrobe.  Yes, t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers are the complete wardrobe of many.  However, if you look around you will find plenty of men's fashion news to learn about new emerging designers, brands, trends, and styles.  Where should we turn when we are looking to read men's fashion news?  Social media, magazines, blog posts, etc.  Below you will find a few resources that may be of interest to you.

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Men's Fashion Blog: read men's fashion news from the trendy blog posts by Apparel Search.

Esquire: Get the latest fashion trends and style advice from the style experts at at this leading fashion magazine. Good news for fans of fashion.

The Guardian Men's Fashion News

GQ Men's Style News: The latest news in men's style and fashion trends from GQ, plus menswear designer fashion shows, grooming tips, and the best and worst dressed, and more.

Vogue Menswear: Yes, Vogue has news about men's clothing as well.

WWD Menswear News: if you work in the apparel industry you are familiar with this trade paper.  It is a shame the closed the DNR Dailey News Record division of the company.  Fortunately, they still show some attention to the men's department.

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