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In this area of the fashion brand directory, you will find children's fashion brands from leading apparel companies and fashion designers.  Some of the labels are popular kids fashion brands that you would already know and some may be emerging names that are new to market.

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Find kids' jeans, tops, sweaters, dresses and dress pants and more.

Here are a few examples of leading children's fashion labels:






Children's Place




Flowers by Zoe

Fruit of the Loom




If you know of an important children's fashion brand that is not listed in this section, please let us know.

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When browsing this directory, you will find some of the most stylish clothing and hottest fashion labels in the world.  We are fairly certain that you will find childrenswear fashion brands that will knock your socks off.

Kids fashion is awesome

Thank you for using the Apparel Search website.  We hope this section has helped you learn more about kids clothing trends and more.  Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, and accessories.  The childrenswear market is constantly changing.  It is important for members of the garment industry as well as consumers to stay on top of trends and keep an eye open for new brands that may make a difference in this segment of the market.