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Fashion Article Posted March 2, 2009

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The well-known, an industry favorite for fashion news and resources known as
the connecting thread of the apparel industry, has added a Jewelry Guide that not only serves the jewelry design industry but is also a destination for those who simply enjoy jewelry. A spin-off of Apparel Search,, is a website that has attracted hundreds of designers.

Though the Jewelry Network is fairly new, it has a strong foundation and is set for growth. Apparel Search owners worked with jewelry design professionals to create a place that would meet all of their online networking needs. Each week, the number of members grows, adding to the knowledge base of the site.

Members have different backgrounds and interests but all want to further their careers in jewelry design. Manic Butterfly's Suzanne Drouillard says, "The new website is a great place to meet with other designers, exchange ideas and learn of new sources for materials. I believe that as the Jewelry Network grows and expands, it will be a great help to my business.

Apparel Search's Jewelry Guide is helpful for designers and those who simply enjoy jewelry. The educational information about gemstones and jewelry on the site is a useful tool for both groups. In addition, shopping opportunities on the website abound.

On the Jewelry Network, design styles range from simple earrings made of beads and wire to silver and gold shaped into wearable art. This website gives designers information to guide their businesses. Current news from the industry is posted in addition to blogs from members, keeping designers up-to-date and able to meet the needs of a changing market.

As with other Apparel Search sites, the Jewelry Network has members from around the world with the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Korea represented. Jewelry on the site comes in many styles and price points.

Designers come together to share what they've learned and ask questions, to discuss the unique business aspects of the jewelry industry. They can find out how to begin a career or get tips on taking their career to a higher level. A popular quality of Jewelry Network's discussions is that they offer advice from people who enjoy sharing what they know.

Saving time and money are both possible on Jewelry Network. One forum discussion involved suppliers with members listing their favorites and including tips on purchasing. Favorite tools were the focus of another discussion and marketing jewelry also generated active interest.

Owners of Apparel Search, say, "We found that many jewelry designers were joining our fashion website and decided they deserved a network of their own. The response tells us this was needed in the industry."

Designers will enjoy spending time with those who understand what they do and why they do it at  Both designers and fans of metal and jewels can spend time learning about gems and jewelry at the Apparel Search Jewelry Guide.

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Jewelry Lovers and Jewelry Designers

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