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What is luxury fashion?  For that matter, what is luxury anything?  The first thing that comes to mind is "expensive".   A better definition would be an extravagant indulgence that which gratifies a fastidious appetite.  Also, luxury can be considered to be anything delightful to the senses.

Where can you find luxury fashion?  If you are searching for luxury fashions you can try fine retailers such as Barney's New York, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.  Certainly, there are other luxury retailers, but we do not plan to list them all for you here..  Who makes luxury fashion?  A few of the leading luxury brands are Louis VuittonPrada, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Burberry, Gucci and Valentino.  You can find additional famous brands that manufacture and sell luxury items at the Fashion Week Photos website.

When selecting a luxurious clothing, you should take into account the garments silhouette, drape, stitch quality, fabric etc.  You do not want to purchase a well crafted dress and discover that the seams have not been properly constructed.  If you utilize a well known luxury brand, you will most likely NOT run into this dilemma.  However, if you are purchasing from a new designer that is entering the realm of luxury fashion, be certain to stay on guard.  Designers can purchase the most expensive fabrics and hire the most experienced pattern makers, but this does not guarantee a fine luxury garment.  Again, if you stick with the well know fashion houses, you should have no worries.  Certainly, you will also find that the majority of new comers will provide a product that exceeds your expectations.  The key is that you should always inspect the garment that you are purchasing.  Most definitely when purchasing at luxury prices...

When you wish to look voluptuous and dress in a luxurious manner, be certain to buy the best.  Shop with your heart, and be certain to bring your credit cards.

By the way, if you have to ask for the price, that means you can not afford it.

Luxury Fabrics:  Cashmere >>  Camel Hair  >> Fine Silk >> Egyptian Cotton >> Linen

When searching for luxury fashion you may hear terms such as exclusive collection, premium fabrics, custom made, couture, ready-to-wear etc.

Here is a small portion of the luxury definition from Wikipedia (from 8/1/07) "Certain manufactured products attain the status of "luxury goods" due to their design, quality, durability or performance that are remarkably superior to the comparable substitutes. Thus, virtually every category of goods available on the market today includes a subset of similar products whose "luxury" is marked by better-quality components and materials, solid construction, stylish appearance, increased durability, better performance, advanced features and so on. As such, these luxury goods retain or improve the basic functionality for which all items of a given category are originally designed.

There are also goods that are perceived as luxurious by the public simply because they play a role of status symbols as such goods tend to signify the purchasing power of those who acquire them. These items, while may not being any better (in quality, performance, or appearance) than their less expensive substitutes, are purchased with the sole purpose of displaying wealth or income of their owners. These kinds of goods are the objects of a socio-economic phenomenon called conspicuous consumption and commonly include luxury cars, expensive watches and jewelry, designer clothing, yachts, and large residences such as mansions and vacation homes."

In addition to the fine retailers listed above in this article, you can also find luxury fashion and luxurious fashion accessories online. 

Welcome to the world of luxury fashion.

Learn about high fashion.

Written by ML at Apparel Search August 1st, 2007

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