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fashion directory  China Linen Textile Industry, Ltd. is principally engaged in the production and sale of linen yarn and various types of linen fabric. The Company is also involved in consultation and R&D related to linen technology and linen products. The Company carries on all of its business activities through its subsidiary, Heilongjiang Lanxi Sunrise Linen Textile Industry Co., Ltd. ("Lanxi Sunrise"), established in June 2002 and located in Lanxi County, the "Homeland of Flax in China," near Harbin City in China. Lanxi Sunrise has one yarn-spinning factory, one bleaching factory and two fabric weaving factories in its 35,120 square meters of building area with a staff of 1,400 and 430 sets of world-class, advanced production machinery. Annual production capacity totals approximately 2,220 tons with 50 different types of yarn and 10 million meters of fabric with 110 types. Approximately 50 percent of its products are exported to more than 10 countries.

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fashion directory  LINU AUDINIAI Stock company: AB LINU AUDINIAI is one of the oldest and well-known textile companies in Lithuania. It was established in 1913. The following items are manufactured at LINU AUDINIAI: 100% linen and cotton/linen fabrics for clothing / garments, towels, bed linen, table-linen, packing; non woven linen; linen sacks, 100% linen and sacking yarns.  They spin yarns, bleach, dye, and soften the fabric themselves. Also, their sewing department enables them to sell lots of home textile items: bed linen, kitchen, towels, table linen, curtains, aprons, bags, etc. Sewed linen items are hygienical, healthy, well-absorbing humidity and look attractive. Linen fabrics for garments are manufactured in original designs and fashionable colors according to the newest technology of softening and dyeing.  They are also able to produce new fabrics according to your designed patterns. There is implanted system of quality control satisfying requirements of International Standard ISO 9001. The company's products are well known in Lithuania and abroad; 89% of production is exported to West European countries: Sweden, France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, and Finland and also to the USA and Canada. The company is eager to co-operate with all customers and supply them with the best possible linen products.   Address:  Birutes 43 5640 Plunge LITHUANIA  Phone 370 448 73030; 370 448 73036 ,  Fax 370 448 73040; 370 448 73039  E-mail:

fashion directory  Linen, the fabric of choice: a short article on the manufacturing process by which flax is made into linen and some history of the use of linen by humans.

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fashion directory  Tunny Ramie & Linen Industrial Co. Ltd.: their company locates in Yichun city, have 1900 workers, 10000 spindles of long fiber,20000 spindles of short fiber, Rapier Looms 156 sets and Dyeing equipment. With annual production of Grey yarn 1800tons,Dyed yarn 900tons, Linen/ramie Grey and yarn-Dyed fabric 6.8 million meter, Dyed fabric 3 million meter, Linen/ramie Garments 1.2 million suits, Ramie healthcare Socks 2.6 million pairs. Their products-Linen/ramie clothing adopts technology of special crumble-resistant, iron-free process, have functions as soft, straight, heat-radiative, moisture-dispelling, warm in winter and cool in summer, Ramie healthcare socks won't make your feet wet & stinking, it is enjoy popular market in Japan, Korea & other Southeast Asian countries, European, American.

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