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Welcome to the "Textile Fiber Definitions" section of Apparel Search, a comprehensive guide designed to shed light on the fundamental building blocks of the textile and apparel industry. Textile fibers are the fundamental units that form the basis of fabrics and materials in the world of fashion and textiles. Understanding these fibers is crucial for anyone involved in the industry, from designers and manufacturers to consumers seeking the perfect garment.

Textile fibers are essentially raw materials used to create various fabrics and textiles. They are typically classified into two main categories: natural fibers and man-made (synthetic) fibers. Natural fibers, sourced from plants, animals, or minerals, include widely used materials such as cotton, wool, silk, and flax. On the other hand, man-made fibers are created through chemical or mechanical processes using raw materials like petrochemicals or natural polymers, yielding fibers such as polyester, nylon, and rayon.

In this section, we delve into the rich tapestry of textile fibers, exploring their characteristics, origins, and applications. By gaining insights into these fibers, industry professionals and enthusiasts can make informed decisions, innovate in design, and appreciate the diversity of materials that shape modern fashion and textile landscapes. Let's embark on this educational journey to unravel the essence of textile fibers and their vital role in the world of apparel and textiles.

Some of these may be better termed as chemical compounds then textile fibers.  However, this list should give you a good understanding of textile fiber.  This textile fiber list will guide you to definitions to help educate you regarding fiber.

fiber or fiber is a natural or synthetic substance that is significantly longer than it is wide.  fibers are often used in the manufacture of other materials.

  • Natural fibers develop or occur in the fiber shape, and include those produced by plants, animals, and geological processes.
  • Synthetic fibers come entirely from synthetic materials such as petrochemicals, unlike those man-made fibers derived from such natural substances as cellulose or protein.
  • Microfibers in textiles refer to sub-denier fiber (such as polyester drawn to 0.5 denier).

fiber Definition



Alpaca fiber

Angora Rabbit

Angora Wool


Camel Hair











Llama Wool



Merino Wool








Organic Cotton







Staple Wool

Synthetic fibers




Wool Bale

Wool Classing

Wool Insulation

Wool Measurement

Denier and Dtex are two measurements of fiber yield based on weight and length. A fiber, a single filament of natural material, such as cotton, linen or wool, or artificial material such as nylon, polyester, metal or mineral fiber, or man-made cellulosic fiber like viscose, Modal, Lyocell or other rayon fiber is measured in terms of linear mass density, the weight of a given length of fiber. Various units are used to refer to the measurement of a fiber, such as: the denier and tex (linear mass density of fibers), super S (fineness of wool fiber), worsted count, woolen count, cotton count (or Number English (Ne)), Number metric (Nm) and yield (the reciprocal of denier and tex).  Learn more about units of textile measurement.

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Did you know that in the USA, we typically spell the word "fiber".  In several other countries it is spelled "fiber".

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