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Sewing ThreadWelcome to the "Apparel Search Sewing Definitions" section, a dedicated resource crafted to illuminate the art and craft of sewing, an essential pillar of the fashion and textile industry. Sewing, an age-old technique, forms the foundation of creating garments, accessories, and various textile products. It's a skill that marries creativity with precision and has been a cornerstone of clothing production and design for centuries.

This section is designed to unravel the lexicon of sewing, covering crucial terms, techniques, and tools that every seamstress, tailor, or crafting enthusiast should be familiar with. Whether you're a beginner eager to grasp the basics or an experienced sewer seeking to expand your knowledge, we aim to demystify the terminology surrounding sewing.

From understanding the anatomy of a sewing machine to mastering intricate stitches and techniques, this section will guide you through the labyrinth of sewing terminologies. Moreover, we'll explore specialized sewing terms associated with different types of fabrics, garments, and sewing patterns. Through this, we hope to empower sewers to enhance their craftsmanship and engage in the world of fashion and textile creation with confidence.

Learn more about sewing.  It is more then simply a craft.  Sewing is an art form that requires skill and knowledge.  Educate yourself regarding various sewing methods, stitches, seams, etc.

Join us as we stitch together a comprehensive tapestry of sewing knowledge, providing clarity on the vital aspects of this timeless art. Let's thread the needle of understanding and sew the fabric of expertise, one definition at a time.


Aida cloth




Chain Stitch

Cross Stitch









Quilting / Quilt

Running Stitch

Satin Stitch


Seam Allowance

Seam Ripper

Sewing Machinery

Sewing Needles

Stitching Awl

Stitching Definitions

Tack Sewing

Tent Stitch

Thimble Definition



You can also learn about sewing at the home sewing section on Apparel Search.  Also, if you are a professional sewer, you are welcome to join us for discussions in the Sewing Group at the Fashion Industry Network.

Clothing & Fashion Industry Terms and Definitions presented by Apparel Search.  We have not created the definitions on these particular pages.  We are simply posting them for your easy access.  Enjoy your reading..

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