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Home Sewing SuppliesASG (American Sewing Guild) : By the mid 1970s, sewing education had already been dropped from many school curriculums. American women were entering the workforce in large numbers, no longer having the time to sew or to teach their daughters the sewing arts. The American Home Sewing Association (a trade organization of fabric, pattern, notions and sewing machine manufacturers and sewing related retail stores now known as the Home Sewing Association) wanted to come up with a way to keep the interest in and tradition of home sewing alive and well as a valued part of American culture. The idea of the American Sewing Guild was born.

  Fashion Express (Greece) : offering a new service to their customers of online downloadable pattern collections for Home Sewing. Their customers will be able to select their patterns among a Collection of trendy Sewing Patterns with excellent fit. Each Sewing Pattern selected can be printed on a regular A4 home printer.  The patterns are based on international fashion trends and they are influenced by these color suggestions. They also come with alternative color scheme advice to help customers decide for a more individual creation.  tel. + 30 2310 25 15 10 fax.+30 2310 25 15 11 3 Stefanou Tatti Str 546 22 Thessanolini Greece

  Home Sewing Association : Since the 1920s, the Home Sewing Association (HSA) has represented the many facets of the home sewing industry. The Association brings together fabric, pattern, notions, fiber, craft, home decorating, publishing and sewing machine companies with manufacturers, retailers, educators, wholesalers and buying offices. In 1996, the Association merged with the International Sewing Machine Association (ISMA), an organization comprised of independent sewing machine dealers and distributors, creating the only organization representing the entire home sewing industry. Members meet at trade shows to exchange ideas, share information and showcase new products.


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If you enjoy sewing, please do not forget to join in the discussions about sewing at the sewing group on the Fashion Industry Network. From the sewing group, you are welcome to discuss issues relevant to home sewers.  We discuss sewing machinery, sewing thread, sewing techniques, etc.  If you have interest in the subject of home sewing, please join us for discussions regarding the craft.

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You can find home sewing supply stores selling sewing products such as sewing machines, sewing needle, notions, sewing threads, sewing patterns, sewing tools, etc.  If you need trimming or supplies for your home sewing needs.  For home sewing supplies you can also check large online retailers such as Amazon.

Learn more about sewing.  If you have an interest in sewing, we suggest you join the home sewing group at the Fashion Industry Network.  You may also find interest in the pattern makers group.

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