Stitch and Seams Guide for the Apparel Industry

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The following fabulous stitch & seam guides have been developed by Professor Bernard Kahn.  Professor Kahn has been a professor at both Parsons and the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Apparel Search greatly appreciates Professor Kahn's efforts in creating this tremendously helpful guide.

Browse the Stitch Guide, or the Seam Guide:

Sewing Guide

Select a stitch class for individual stitch type diagrams, descriptions and selected machine images
Stitch Class Guide
100 Class Single-Thread Chain Stitch
200 Class Hand Stitch
300 Class Lock Stitch
400 Class Chain Stitch
500 Class Overedge Stitch
600 Class Flat Stitch
Button Hole Stitches  
Button Sew Stitches  

The stitches in this guide are the most commonly used stitches. See the listing of ASTM D-6193 stitches not illustrated.

Seam Guide

Select a seam class for individual seam diagrams

Seams Class Guide

SS Class Superimposed Seams
LS Class Lapped Seams
BS Class Bound (Binding) Seams
FS Class Flat (Butted) Seams
EF Class Edge Finish Stitching
OS Class Ornamental Stitching

Sewing Stiches & SeamsSeams are identified by symbols as follows;

  • Class of Seam: Two or more upper case letters
  • Type of the Class: One or more lower case letters
  • Number of Rows of Stitches: Designates the Number of Needle Rows in the Stitch

This Stitch & Seam Guide Is Designed To Enable You To Easily Find and Utilize The Correct ASTM D-6193 Stitch and Seam Standard for your product specifications, communications and development.

STITCH and SEAM GUIDE to the ASTM Standard D-6193 (Formerly Federal Standard 751a) powered by  If you have questions about the seams guide, contact Professor Bernard Kahn at or 

This Stitch Guide and Seams Guide link will take you to a stitch and seam guide created by Bernard Kahn, Adj. Professor of Production Management at Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons The New School for Design.  If you have questions about the information listed on the guide, you can contact Professor Kahn from his web site at or

If you have an interest in sewing, we suggest you join the sewing group at the Fashion Industry Network.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the Stitch & Seams Guide to learn more about sewing.

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