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The Apparel Search Textile & Clothing Research Directory provides research data as well as links to companies that provide textile research materials.  The research section is designed to benefit members of the clothing industry as well as students and fashion educators.  If you are a professor, student, textile engineer, etc., we are always interested in receiving additional research papers.  If you provide educational information it will be our pleasure to provide your fashion school or company with credit and web site links back to your college or organization.  

fashion directory  Aachen Textile Center, Inc (Germany) Non-profit membership organization of companies, institutions and individuals in the German textile industry, involved in the development and promotion of educational programs, professional training, and research and technology transfer.

fashion research  Aktrin Textile Information Center (United States):  AKTRIN Research Institute was founded in 1985, with the purpose of publishing industrial and economic reports. Since 1988 the company has been fully dedicated to the secondary wood products and the textile industries. The AKTRIN Textile Information Center is well documented and maintains one of the largest data banks of textile related reports and marketing studies. Over the years, The AKTRIN Textile Information Center has gained a solid reputation for the depth of its studies and the relevance of its publications in addressing every day business concerns. The company is widely recognized as an authority on all textile related matters by the media, governments and industry leaders.   Publishers of trend reports, efficiency and profitability recommendations, and marketing studies. Also, comprehensive consulting services.

clothing research  The American Textile Partnership (AMTEX)   AMTEX is a collaborative research and development program among the industry, the Department of Energy, the DOE laboratories, other federal agencies, and universities.

apparel research  Apparel Product Development and Marketing (Hong Kong): Research and development project, funded by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and focused on design, technology, information and management innovations in the apparel and fashion industries. Extensive list of ongoing projects. Discussion forum. Links to related sites.

Apparel Search  Apparel Research Network  The objective of Apparel Research Network, a Defense Logistics Agency program, is to significantly improve the U.S. apparel industry's ability to meet DoD requirements through research, development, and technology transfer for the apparel and related industries, such as distribution, equipment, and materials suppliers.

Apparel Search  Apparel Search Company: Apparel Search is obviously the BEST place to research information that is relevant to the apparel or textile industry.  Apparel Search is an excellent resource.  In all honesty, I have never seen a better informational resource.  Apparel Search is great.

Apparel Search  Apparel Strategist : The Apparel Strategist is the premier business journal of the apparel and textile industries available today. Their readership extends to board rooms, Wall Street, The Far East - anywhere decision-makers require timely, pertinent information to help run their business more effectively. Their publication is designed to allow you to see all the current trends in the industry at a glance, and is a must read for strategic planners, marketing departments, company libraries, lenders to the fashion industry, institutional investors, or anyone else that needs to have the vital statistics of the apparel and textile industries delivered to them each month. For the past 18 years, they  have been accurately reporting, predicting, and graphically displaying the business cycles in the industry, the reasons behind them, and what it means to you. Sometimes it's promising, sometimes it's not; either way it's required information to compete effectively in today's difficult business environment.

textile research  Apparel Technology and Research Center: (ATRC) was founded in 1992 on the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona campus. The intent was to provide outreach support and direct services to operating apparel manufacturing and contracting businesses. Realizing that most businesses are small, fashion oriented and labor intensive, activities of the ATRC were planned in relation to the needs of California and West Coast apparel companies in an effort to upgrade their operations to improve their competitiveness.

textiles  Association of Universities for Textiles (AUTEX) (Belgium): Roof organization of global universities, offering training, education, research and technology transfer in textiles, and textile related facilities.

textiles  Bridal Industry Research: learn about the bridal industry.

textile technology  British Textile Technology Group : (BTTG) is an independent research and technology center with roots in the textile industry but providing a wide range of services applicable also in many other spheres of industry and commerce. Specialist topics include textiles, materials science, biotechnology, environmental science, carpets and cleaning, geotextiles and fire technology.  The overall aim is to work in partnership with clients to move their business forward through expert consultancy, research, testing, training and certification services.

clothing industry  Clothing Industry Training Board (CITB) (South Africa) Education and professional training facility of the local textile and garment industry. Also, programs for the leather and footwear, automobile, retail and agricultural sectors.

fashion directory  CITEVE. Technological Centre for the Textile and Garment Industries (Portugal):Non-profit institute, created to further the development of technical and technological capacities of the local textile and clothing companies. Company directory. Outline of training courses. List of publications. FAQ. English and Portuguese.

clothing and textiles  Clotex. Clothing and Textile Service Centre (South Africa):  Information, advice and training services to the local textile and garment industries. Textile science and fashion chat boards. Links to related sites.

fashion directory  CSIR (South Africa): Sourcing and developing of science and technologies for the African industry. Design, development and laboratory services for the textile, clothing and related industries. Also, technology acquisition and implementation.

fashion directory  Deutsches textilforschungszentrum (DTNW), Krefeld, Germany   German textile research center.

fashion directory  Encyclopedia Britannica: leading provider of learning and knowledge products. They are  proud to be one of the world's most trusted sources of information on every topic imaginable.

fashion directory  EURATEX (The European Apparel & Textile Organization): EURATEX acts on behalf of the European textile and clothing industry with European institutions on matters of common interest, relating to decisions or legislation affecting the industry. The subjects concern principally commercial and industrial policies, research and innovation, environmental and social issues.

fashion directory  fabricLink:  Their mission is to provide retailers and consumers with education and information about fabrics, apparel and clothing care, and mills, manufacturers and fiber producers with a forum to create awareness and interest in their products through educational presentations.

fashion directory  fabric Development Inc.: they research, develop & supply fabrics.  Address:  1100 Virginia Drive Suite 400, Fort Washington, PA 19034  Phone # 215 542 2433  Fax # 215 542 1626.

fashion directory  Fashionbi is a data and insights provider in the Fashion & Luxury industry. Fashionbi data centre monitors 3'500+ brands in 90 countries, from their financials to the digital presence and social media performances. In 2015 and 2017, Fashionbi won the Luxury Daily award of the best Researcher of the Year, for its comprehensive examination of the trends on both the marketing and consumer side of the Fashion & Luxury world. Having a privileged data-driven approach, Fashionbi provides on-demand database, reports and consultancy to 1500+ clients, including some of the most famous brands of Fashion and Luxury across EU, US and Asia.

fashion directory  fiberSource

fashion directory  German Center for Textile Research (DTNW)(Germany): Non-profit organization, funded by industry and government, involved in fundamental and applied research in production prosesses and performance of textiles. Based in the University of Duisburg.

fashion directory  The Harvard Center for Textile & Apparel Research (HCTAR)

fashion directory  Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science (TMTE) (Hungary): Membership organization for specialists, technicians, engineers, economists and entrepreneurs, active in research and development of the local textile and garment industries. English, Hungarian and German.

fashion directory  IBIS World: a rich source of business information. They provide independent, accurate, comprehensive, and up to date research on over 700 industries, including statistics, analysis and forecasts. IBISWorld is fast becoming the world's leading strategic Business Information provider offering a wealth of uniquely comprehensive and powerful information on a number of economies around the globe.

fashion directory  Institute of Textile Technology (United States): Private, non-profit institute for textile research and education, providing training at graduate level. The institute maintains one of the largest textile research and development libraries in the world, keeping the textile industry apprised of global research findings.

fashion directory  International fabricare Institute: The association of Drycleaners, Wetcleaners and Launderers. 

fashion directory  ITRU GROUP LTD  (International Textile Research Unit ): concentrates on specific problems of mills as well as research and development in textile industry. Their intention is to improve your mill running conditions to the level of international standards to achieve lower cost of production, optimum quality of products and higher mill performance levels through R&D projects ,Knowledge Based Pc-programs and Management Systems  Address:  Velioglu Cad. 89/7  Mahmutbey Istanbul 34550 Turkiye  Phone:  90-212-6575692  Fax: 90-212-6300939  Email:   Contact: Fatih Kalli-R&D Management

fashion directory  Market Reader Pro was launched in October, 2000 as a full-service market research company that utilizes online web surveys to collect data directly from a broad range of consumers on their behaviors, perceptions, needs, attitudes, and opinions.

fashion directory  Mintel: global information coverage and for maintaining a reputation as a leading provider of products and services that deliver unique, dependable and original market information.

fashion directory  National Textile Center    University research consortium.   Consortium of Georgia Tech, Auburn University, Clemson University, and North Carolina State University.

fashion directory  Nonwovens Cooperative Research Center: The mission of the Center is to become a national, pivotal resource:

fashion directory  Northern India Textile Research Association (NITRA) (India): Part of a group of four facilities, involved in basic and applied scientific research and development for the textile industry. Also, testing and consultancy services, and organizers of seminars and workshops. List of publications.

fashion directory  Online Clothing Study:  A Knowledge center for Clothing and Fashion students and garment industry professionals. We mainly focus on Apparel manufacturing and industrial Engineering processes from basics to advanced level.

fashion directory  Research and Markets: leading source for international market research and market data.  They provide you with the latest data on international and regional markets, key industries, the top companies, new products and the latest trends

fashion directory  Retail Researcher

fashion directory  Saxon Textile Research Institute (Germany): Application oriented research and development projects for the textile and nonwovens industries. Also, extensive laboratory testing and certification services. English and German.

fashion directory  SITRA. South India Textile Research Association (India): Joint venture between government and business, dedicated to applied research on textile processes, consulting, materials testing and training.

fashion directory  STFI. Saxon Textile Research Institute (Germany): Non-profit organization, dedicated to applied research on textile processing methods and technologies. On-line library of technical articles. English and German.

fashion directory  TC Squared [TC]2   Textile Clothing Technology Corporation.   Spoolio: CD rom education tool

fashion directory  Tekot International: European patnership between UK, Danish and Dutch training and education centers for the textile and clothing industries. Vocational and educational qualification. Training courses and consultancy. Educational materials and custom designed programmers.

fashion directory  Textile Center of Minnesota (United States):Coalition of artists, educators, organizations, businesses, collectors and enthousiasts, dedicated to the development and promotion of educational programs, special events and projects related to the preservation of textile traditions of the Upper Midwest. Links to member organizations, art galleries and events.

fashion directory  Textiles Human Resources Council (THRC) (Canada): Non-profit partnership between trade unions and industry, involved in the developmentof training and education programs in the textile industry. List of programs, and demo for web based training courses.

fashion directory  Textiles Intelligence (United Kingdom): Textiles Intelligence is a research and publishing company.  They supply business information to the world's senior textile executives on the global fibre, textile and apparel industries. Subjects include: reports on developing and developed economies; company profiles; world trade and production trends by geographical region; new technological developments and innovations; marketing information and forecasts; trade regulations, tariffs, quotas and government controls; and informed editorial comment on the key issues facing the global fibre, textile and apparel industries.  Textiles Intelligence Suite 6, First Floor Alderley House Alderley Road Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 1AT United Kingdom

fashion directory  The Textile Institute International (Headquarters in Manchester, UK) A forum for informing the 7000 Textile Institute members and the world about textile activities. TI is a worldwide professional association for people working with fibres and fabrics, clothing and footwear,interior and technical textiles.

fashion directory  Textiles Research and Training Institute (United States): Eastern Michigan University. Non-profit organization, dedicated to education, research and training of professionals and consumers on uses of textiles in automotive, furniture and apparel applications.

fashion directory  Textile Technology Center (TTC) (Canada): Private, non-profit corporation devoted to improving productivity in the textile and para-textile industries. Applied research and testing services for textile materials and products. English and French.

fashion directory  Thailand Textile Institute: Autonomous organization, funded by government and industry, and focusing on technical, marketing and human resource development activities in the Thai textile industry. Business information, news, statistics and trade regulations.

fashion directory  TRI/princeton: founded in 1930 as the Textile Research Institute, is an independent, nonprofit organization that serves clients in government, industry, and academia throughout the United States and abroad. Though originally established to assist the textile industry in staying competitive, over the decades, TRI has extended its expertise to provide advanced research and education in polymers, fibers, films, human hair, and porous materials with special strengths in:

fashion directory  The University of Texas at Austin (Textiles and Apparel Research)  : State-of-the-art research laboratories include those designed for textiles testing instrumentation, three dimensional imaging, apparel mass customization technology, biopolymers, and textile conservation. Academic computing facilities at the University of Texas rank highly among the nation's finest, consistently maintaining cutting edge technology, accessibility, and skilled technical support. The campus-wide network, established in 1993, is one of the oldest and most active networks in the United States today. The University of Texas at Austin bears the fifth largest academic library in the United States today, containing more than 7.6 million volumes and 5 million microforms. UT Library Online offers online access to hundreds of licensed bibliographic and full-test databases. Comprises more than 3,000 culturally and historically significant artifacts of apparel, accessories of dress, and various textiles. The oldest piece dates to the early 1800s, and every major period of fashion since the mid 19th century is well represented.

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