China Sourcing Reports for Fashion Accessories

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Limited Time Only Special :
China Sourcing Reports (excluding other Country reports) that are published from Jan 2009 onwards will receive one year of FREE report updates from the date of their purchase. The frequency of the report updates vary for each report title. It can be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.

Report updates are sent via email (PDF format only for the report updates) at our side. Updates may include:

  • product & pricing trends

  • R&D & design

  • materials & components

  • production hubs

  • industry composition

  • contact details of interviewed suppliers

Note: The above special is only regarding the "China" reports.


Fashion Accessories

Casual Backpacks & Schoolbags


Casual Footwear 

Computer Bags

Costume Jewelry

Hats & Caps


Leather Bags & Wallets



Global Sources Apparel Industry Reports & Fashion magazines

The Fashion Accessory Sourcing Report from China has been developed and maintained by Global Sources.  Apparel Search is working in association with Global Sources to help promote this sourcing report to the international fashion community.

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