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China Sourcing Reports  Garments / Clothing / Apparel

Children's Wear 

Denim Garments 

Leather Garments 

Parkas and Windbreakers 


T-Shirts and Polo Shirts 

Women's Undergarments 


Fashion Accessories

Casual Backpacks & Schoolbags  


Casual Footwear  

Computer Bags  

Costume Jewelry  

Hats & Caps  


Leather Bags & Wallets  



China Sourcing Reports regarding Textiles

Home Textiles - China 

Knitted fabric - China

India Sourcing Reports

Home Textiles - India 

Women's Garments - India 

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The Apparel Sourcing Reports have been developed and maintained by Global Sources.  Apparel Search is working in association with Global Sources to help promote this sourcing report to the international fashion community.

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