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NB&Karavay from Russia Fashion Week 2005Welcome to the Apparel Search Guide to fashion guides and directories.  In this area you will find various resources both online and offline.

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Fashion Industry Directories - find women's fashion directories, boutiques, men's clothing, childrenswear, and more.

Textile Industry Directories - find fabric manufacturers, textile machinery distributors, etc.

Employment Guides - fashion industry career guides

Clothing Model Directory - online guide for fashion models, modeling agencies, stylists, fashion photographers etc.

Fashion Week Directory - directory of the international fashion week events.

Research the leading fashion, textiles, and accessories guides, databases and directories.  Access information on hard copy directories, electronically, or by email in various formats.  You can find publications that are compiled by the top and best databases publishers in the USA and internationally.  Categorized resources include: Manufacturers, Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Mass Merchandisers, Sales Representatives and many other categories for: Apparels, Textiles, etc.  Some of them databases can also be customized geographically, by sales volume, by types of garments handled etc.

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Global Sources Apparel & Textile Sourcing Reports & Magazines  The Apparel & Textile Sourcing Reports and Fashion Magazines have been developed and maintained by Global Sources. Apparel Search is working in association with Global Sources to help promote these useful resources to the international fashion community.

Fashiondex - The Fashiondex, Apparel Industry Publishers, was started in 1992 by a fashion designer who had arranged her Rolodex into types of fabrics and trims, instead of from A to Z. When she noticed that everyone where she worked was using her Rolodex when they needed to do their research and sourcing needs, she saw there was a need for a similar product. Fashiondex was formed, that Rolodex was reproduced in book form, and several months later the first Fashiondex was produced.  They started selling that directory and eventually created and published many other books that their designer, and her industry friends, thought were needed to make their jobs easier. In 1994, they launched, the first fashion-sourcing website and store. The Fashiondex, Inc. and its online store,, now continue with the same goals they had as a resource guide company back in 1992.  A goal to create the most up-to-date, well-formatted and easy-to-use design-industry sourcebooks available, along with publishing the best industry tools and books available, for all those in, and entering, the design industries. Their sourcebooks are unique, as they do not involve cross-referencing and leafing through pages and they have kept the books small, so you can keep it on your desk, or throw it in your backpack or totebag.  They contact all suppliers listed in their sourcebooks two times each year, to keep the book and their customers as up-to-date as possible.

Textiles Intelligence Reports - Textiles Intelligence is a provider of global business information to the international fibre, textile and apparel industry. The company was formed in 1992 as a spin-off from the Economist Intelligence Unit and has customers in more than 60 countries spread across five continents. Textiles Intelligence publishes Textile Outlook International six times a year and Technical Textile Markets every quarter. It also offers over 30 in-depth research reports covering global sectors such as man-made fibres and nonwovens, geographical regions such as South East Asia and Eastern Europe and topics such as internationalisation and sourcing.

Salesman Buyer Guides - clothing industry buyer guides for sales people to find clothing buyer names, buyer address and buyer contact details.

Apparel Strategist - The Apparel Strategist is the premier business journal of the apparel and textile industries available today. Their readership extends to board rooms, Wall Street, The Far East - anywhere decision-makers require timely, pertinent information to help run their business more effectively. Their publication is designed to allow you to see all the current trends in the industry at a glance, and is a must read for strategic planners, marketing departments, company libraries, lenders to the fashion industry, institutional investors, or anyone else that needs to have the vital statistics of the apparel and textile industries delivered to them each month. For the past 18 years, they  have been accurately reporting, predicting, and graphically displaying the business cycles in the industry, the reasons behind them, and what it means to you. Sometimes it's promising, sometimes it's not; either way it's required information to compete effectively in today's difficult business environment.

Briefings Media Group LLC (The Salesman's Guide) Briefings Media Group, LLC creates newsletters, training tools (videos, books, software and conferences), "trade" magazines and ezines, marketing database directories, web sites, audio conferences, web search engines and other information for "business to business" (B2B) communications. These B2B publications and events are not written or designed for the average consumer. Their publications contain information vital to their audience so they can run their companies and maintain their professional educational designations.

You can find many additional business guides in the fashion research area, found in the Education section of our web site.

You can find clothing industry and textile industry online directories (fashion industry portals) in our Apparel Link section.

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Fashiondex Directories - Apparel fabrics, Services & Trims Sourcebook Directory

The Directory of Brand Name Apparel Manufacturers and Private Label - Fashiondex

National Register - Apparel Manufacturers

National Register - The Apparel Marketplace: Wholesalers, Importers, Exporters

National Register - Fashion Accessories

The National Register of Independent Sales Reps

fabric Marketing Research

fabric Marketing Research - Apparel Retail Directories

"2006-07" The Apparel Salesman's Guide to Retailers and Buyers in the USA and Canada

Locate apparel retailers, buyers, sales reps, manufacturers, importers, sewing contractors, textile mills, converters, fabric stores, home furnishing fabric stores etc., in the USA, Canada, South America and Asia.

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Apparel Search Fashion Industry Directory

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